Venezuelans in Chile, ISIS leader, genital mutilation... Thursday's news

The UN condemns the acts of xenophobia against Venezuelans in Chile and the attacks on police officers

The United Nations System in Chile expresses its concern over the violence and the acts of xenophobia that have occurred in Iquique and the Tarapacá region, in the north of the country, involving Venezuelans, border communities and security forces.

The UN condemns the “aggressions against law enforcement officials and the acts of discrimination and xenophobia that have occurred.”

In addition, they ask that “isolated facts are not used to foment discrimination and violence against refugees and migrants” and that measures be taken to prevent “tensions from escalating.”

The United Nations is in contact with the Government and recognizes “the efforts they are making”, but they point out that there are “serious situations” that “require urgent attention.”

“We urge the competent authorities to redouble their efforts in humanitarian assistance,” they say, noting that it is “key” to reduce pressure on host communities, promote their integration and reduce exposure to criminal networks.

“The guarantee, promotion and respect of human rights and adequate humanitarian attention is a fundamental responsibility of the national authorities”, recalls the Organization.

The UN calls for an investigation into the death of civilians in the US operation that ended in the death of the ISIS leader

The UN “takes note” of the announcement of the death of the leader of the ISIS terrorist group in a US operation in Syria and shows its concern about the death of civilians.

“The UN system is united in the efforts in the fight against DAESH and any success in that regard is welcome”, said the spokesman for the secretary general, Farhan Haq.

The president of the United States, Joe Biden, assured this Thursday that Abu Ibrahim al-Hashimi al-Qurashi He died in an explosion that he himself caused in his home when he was surrounded by US special forces, and which also killed several members of his family.

UNICEF confirmed that at least six children have died and a girl has been seriously injured during the operation that took place in the border town of Atmeh, in Idlib, northwestern Syria.

The spokesman said that “it would be important that there be an investigation” to determine the causes of the deaths of the civilians.

The number of genital mutilations practiced by medical personnel grows

UNICEF denounces “an alarming trend” around female genital mutilation: an increasing proportion of girls and women are being mutilated by a medical professional.

About one in four girls and women who have been mutilated, that is, 52 million worldwide, were subjected to this practice at the hands of health personnel. This proportion is twice as high among adolescentswhich indicates the growth of the medicalization of the practice.

At least 200 million girls and women alive today have been mutilated.

COVID-19, rising poverty, inequality and conflict are putting millions of girls at greater risk. UNICEF estimates that the pandemic puts an additional two million girls at risk.

Progress must be at least ten times faster to meet the goal of eliminating this practice by 2030.

A book brings together the “fusion cuisine” recipes of refugees in Latin America

UNHCR, the UN Refugee Agency, has published a cookbook that contains much more than recipes. They are the stories of refugees and displaced people in Latin America.

Dominican-Venezuelan arepas, cachapas abrasileiradasshawarma with chimichurri, and rice with Belizean beans with a Salvadoran twistare some of the dishes offered From our table to yours: Fusion Cuisine.

“This recipe is a reflection of me, a mix of where I come from and where I live today. It is a way of saying thank you and representing my country,” says Mike, a Venezuelan in the Dominican Republic.

“The Nicacapín represents the union of two countries: Nicaragua, with that gallo pinto that I ate at my grandmother’s house, and the churrasco so typical of Guatemala. Together, they represent brotherhood,” says Wilmer, a Nicaraguan in Guatemala.

The book can be downloaded free of charge from the UNHCR website.

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