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They discover a more virulent variant of HIV

Recently published research in the Netherlands has revealed the existence of a more transmissible and harmful variant of HIV.

People living with the newly revealed HIV subtype experience twice the rate of immune system decline, have higher HIV viral loads (amount of virus in the blood), and are vulnerable to developing AIDS two to three times faster after diagnosis than if they lived with other strains of the virus.

The study also revealed that the variant it has been circulating in the Netherlands for years and continues to respond to HIV treatment.

According to UNAIDS, “this newly identified variant does not pose a significant health threat public, but underlines the urgency to accelerate efforts to stop the HIV pandemic”.

Ten million people living with HIV worldwide are still untreated, fueling the continued spread of the virus and the potential for new variants to emerge.

HIV remains the deadliest pandemic of our time: an estimated 79 million people have been infected with the virus, for which there is as yet no vaccine or cure. Some 36 million people have died from AIDS-related illnesses since the start of the pandemic.

COVAX has already distributed 500 million doses of COVID-19 vaccines donated by rich countries

The vaccines, donated by 31 nations, have benefited 105 countries.

The donations account for almost half of the 1.1 billion doses that have been delivered to the economies participating in the COVAX mechanism, and more than 1 billion of those doses have gone to poor countries that receive them free of charge. 45% have been sent to Africa.

COVAX has funds and confirmed donated doses to vaccinate 45% of the population of 91 low-income economies by mid-2022. COVAX launched in January a request for at least 5.2 billion dollars to be able to continue distributing doses as they are needed .

The UN has not received any request to participate in negotiations in Venezuela

The United Nations has not received any formal request to participate in negotiations between the Government and the opposition in Venezuela.

The secretary general urged the parties to resume negotiations and to maintain its full commitment to an inclusive and meaningful negotiation.

António Guterres reiterated his support for Norway’s facilitation role and called on all members of the international community to support a negotiated solution that is owned and led by the Venezuelans themselves.

The tapestry of Guernica de Picasso returns to the UN.

The tapestry, a reproduction of the work of Pablo Picasso, a symbol of the horror of war, hangs again in front of the entrance to the body in charge of ensuring peace, the UN Security Council.

The work was withdrawn in February 2021 Rockefeller family petition, who are the owners. Now, they have decided to continue with the long-term loan to the UN although the tapestry will leave the building to be exhibited around the world.

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