7 books to learn more about feminism

(CNN Spanish) — Can you learn to be a feminist? The answer is yes. The fight for equality between men and women can come from the intellect. Whether we are men or women, or regardless of gender identity, we can form a criterion through literature and academia to better understand why feminism is necessary, why its causes are relevant and understand the debates that take place around it. to gender.

So here we propose 7 books to learn more about feminism

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Antagonists: LASTHESIS

Simone de Beauvoir, Silvia Federici, María Lugones, María Mies, Rita Segato, Gabriela Mistral, Gertrud Stein, Virginia Woolf, Virginie Despentes, Guerrilla Girls, WITCH, Alejandra Pizarnik and more feminist women are part of this first anthology that the LASTESIS collective presents with the aim that readers immerse themselves in the ideas and experiences of writers, poets, essayists, thinkers, artists and activists who throughout history have set the tone for questioning and promoting changes in them, as explained in the book prologue.

Daffne Váldes Vargas, Paula Cometa Stange, Lea Cáseres Díaz and Sibili Sotomayor Van Rysseghem are part of the interdisciplinary and feminist group LASTESIS from Valparaíso, Chile. Together they are dedicated to spreading feminist theory through a “collage” that does not necessarily follow a chronological order.

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King Kong Theory

Author: Virginie Despentes

Before your movie Baise-moi (translated in Latin America as rape me) made Virginie Despentes famous, the writer had been an occasional prostitute. The King Kong theory has become a feminist manifesto in which Despentes shares her own experience and reflects on prostitution, rape, repressed sexuality, the overvaluation of motherhood, seduction, and more issues around contemporary feminism.

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We should all be Feminists

Author: Chimamanda Ngozi Adichie

That feminism is not just a women’s thing is something that has been explained before, but perhaps without the eloquence with which Chimamanda Ngozi Adichie argues what feminism is in the 21st century. The book is an adaptation of one of her TED talks where the Nigerian writer explains the damage that machismo does to both men and women.

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Men Explain Things to Me

Author: Rebecca Solnit

Rebecca Solnit coined the term mansplaining in 2008 when he published the essay that later became the book men explain things to me. Solnit begins by telling how a billionaire spent hours talking to her about a book without knowing that she was the author. She addresses issues ranging from the role of women in the civil rights struggle and awareness raising movements to the issue of credibility given to rape victims.

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Gender Trouble: Feminism and the Subversion of Identity

Author: Judith Butler

For Judith Butler, gender is the best known but also the most frequently misunderstood concept. This work is a critique of the essentialist idea that gender identities are immutable and find their roots in nature, in the body or in a normative and obligatory heterosexuality. The American philosopher offers here an original and controversial theory on the socially constructed debates around gender. She navigates between philosophy, anthropology, literary theory and psychoanalysis.

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The Second Sex

Author: Simone de Beauvoir

The second sex is a classic to understand the basic principles of feminism since it became the manifesto of the second wave of feminism in the 60s. Everything that has been written since in the field of feminist theory has had to count on this work, either to continue with their approaches and continue developing them, or to criticize them by opposing them.

De Beauvoir here examines the limits of female freedom and questions our deeply held beliefs about femininity. Liberation, she argues, involves challenging traditional perceptions of the social relationship between the sexes and, crucially, achieving economic independence, as described by publisher Penguin.

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A Room Of One’s Own

Author: Virginia Woolf

Virginia Woolf wrote a room of your own in 1929, but the book is still remembered as one of the founding texts of feminism, a pioneer in the demand for economic independence and a space of freedom for women. The title comes from the British writer’s idea that “a woman must have money and a room of her own to be able to write novels.” Woolf argues that “centuries of prejudice and financial and educational disadvantage have inhibited women’s creativity,” according to Encyclopedia Britannica.

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