12 effective and long-lasting sunscreens for outdoor sports
We select a variety of sunscreens designed to protect us while playing sports outdoors.
We select a variety of sunscreens designed to protect us while playing sports outdoors.

Summer can also be a time where get in shape or enjoy our favorite sport on vacation, as long as we take precautions. To the classic recommendations of drinking more water daily or not leaving the house for only essential in situations of heat waves, we must also add a decisive factor: sun damage to the skin. For this reason, when we practice sports in broad daylight in the hottest months, it is essential to protect ourselves with effective and long-lasting sunscreens.

On this occasion, the selection that we have prepared in THE COUNTRY Showcase is related to it: facial sunscreens and also corporal formulated with components that support well the sweatthe Water and, above all, the impact of ultraviolet rays, as well as preventing premature skin aging wave appearance of sun spots. We have chosen a dozen products to affordable prices and with good ratings in Amazon; specialized brands: What Nivea, Ecran, Heliocare, Babaria either isdin.

⋅ Sports sunscreens for face, ears and lips

Ecran Sunnique Sport Face Sun Mist

A protective mist with a very high protection factor (50) and a texture that sets on the skin without leaving traces of oil and, although it does not slip with sweat, it provides instant freshness and lets the skin breathe. It is also very resistant to water and does not sting the eyes. The container comes in a 250 ml format.

Transparent face shield SPF 50+ Heliocare 360 ​​degrees

An ideal cream due to its stick size to carry in the jersey when getting on the bike or to replenish in any other physical activity outdoors, taking up minimal space in the backpack. It is suitable for all skin types and achieves a broad-spectrum barrier protecting from the sun’s most dangerous radiation: UVB, UVA, Visible and Infrared. Its formula has a series of active antioxidants and sun damage repairers.

ISDIN SPF 50+ lip balm

Protecting ourselves from the sun also covers the area of ​​​​the lips and not only in winter times. The wind, the saltpeter or the chlorine so typical of summers can end up damaging one of the most sensitive skins of the human body. Therefore, this product will protect and hydrate it intensely, providing a great feeling of comfort.

Sunscreen for delicate areas of the face in various shades

Jeewin is a cosmetic brand dedicated to extreme sports. That is why this stick is indicated to be applied to the lip area and also to the ears, nose or cheekbones. Protects against possible intolerances to the sun, stains and the most harmful ultraviolet rays. Available in eight different shades, its formula contains ingredients such as vitamin E or beeswax.

SPF 50+ cream facial protector for extreme conditions, from ISDIN

During the summer there are usually very high peaks of ultraviolet rays; If, in addition, we are one of those who practice long-term sports in the central moments of the day, this is a good protective cream in these cases. Suitable for all skin types, even highly photosensitive, its cream texture leaves skin luminous and shine-free.

Piz Buin Snow Sports Face Sunscreen SPF30

In summer, many do not give up climbing high mountains or visiting other countries in search of the high peaks. Therefore, we must always go well equipped to safeguard ourselves from sun damage. This is what a cosmetic like the one we are highlighting does, designed to protect us against extreme cold and wind thanks to its formula. It is enriched with shea butter, trehalose and glycerin, helping to maintain proper hydration.

⋅ Sports sunscreens for the body

ISDIN Fusion Gel body sunscreen

This product is one of the best rated Amazon in the category of body sunscreen. Its light texture stands out, how well it acts on wet skin and how suitable it is for hairy areas, such as arms, legs and scalp. Its container size (100 ml) makes it an ideal candidate to take it with us on a trip and its formula is designed to balance the body temperature of the skin while we exercise.

Hawaiian Tropic Ultra Light Body Sun Mist SPF 30

With an ultra-light and breathable formula and medium-high UV protection, this mist is designed for those looking to protect themselves from the sun without clogging skin pores and enjoying a light, tropical scent. Its coverage rate is extended up to 80 minutes after its application.

Protective sport body mist SPF30 tanning accelerator, from Babaria

For sale in a 200 ml container, this spray is capable of adequately protecting us from the sun’s rays that cause aging and from those that generate solar erythema. It is resistant to water and sweat and its formula is enriched with coconut oil and Aloe Vera. In addition, it contains a tanning accelerator to achieve a natural tan while doing sports.

Fluid body sunscreen in pocket format, from Bioderma

Indicated for normal to combination skin, it is a sunscreen stick specifically for adolescents and adults. Its dry-touch finish and light texture make it a great candidate for use while doing sports. Without perfume or oils, its texture is not greasy and skin tolerance is good.

Nivea transparent and waterproof body sun mist

With a 90% biodegradable formula, this spray is very easy to apply and its diffusion is continuous regardless of the angle from which we use it. Its formula is light and extra resistant to water and sweat. Also, it does not leave white spots on the skin.

Banana Boat Body Sun Mist SPF 50

A sunscreen tested for all types of sports conditions: whether exposed to the sun, wind, heat, sand, sea, sweat or chlorine. In addition, its formula is specially designed with an exclusive technology called AvoTriplex, which prevents its ingredients from degrading when exposed to ultraviolet radiation. Its container reaches 220 ml. If you prefer, you can also purchase in cream format.

*All purchase prices included in this article are current as of June 3, 2022.

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