Alert consumption of a batch of minced chicken and turkey meat in Lidl supermarkets with salmonella
The batch of chicken and turkey minced meat affected by salmonella in Lidl supermarkets.
The batch of chicken and turkey minced meat affected by salmonella in Lidl supermarkets.AESAN

The Spanish Agency for Food Safety and Nutrition (AESAN), dependent on the Ministry of Consumption, has sent an alert this Thursday for the presence of salmonella in a batch of minced poultry meat (Burguer Meat de Pollo-Turkey) marketed by Lidl supermarkets. The ministry indicates that the company paralyzed the distribution and commercialization of the product as soon as it became aware of the outbreak, but it is possible that some of them have reached consumers. So far, Alberto Garzón’s department has not found anyone affected by this pathogen, but asks those who have this product at home to refrain from consuming it. The company indicates that on May 30 it withdrew the only contaminated batch and they are not affected either.

It is a batch called Chicken-Turkey Burger Meat, marketed in a half-kilo plastic tray, with batch number 3369 and with an expiration date of June 3. Always according to the AESAN, the product is made by the company Aves Nobles y Derivados SL, based in Zaragoza.

In fact, according to Consumption, it has been the autonomous community of Aragon that has notified the Coordinated System for the Rapid Exchange of Information (SCIRI) of the presence of salmonella in the trays. Now, both the ministry and the rest of the autonomies are trying to verify if the affected products have already been withdrawn from the marketing channels.

A spokesman for Lild points out that the first alert was made by the Andalusian Government’s Health and Family Council, which was the one who informed the supermarket chain. “On May 30, said ministry informed us of the presence of salmonella in a sample of our Chicken and Turkey Burger Meat product. After that, we contacted our supplier and proceeded to immediately withdraw the only batch affected, without knowing for now that any client has been affected, ”this spokesman told EL PAÍS. In principle, Andalusia notified Aragón, which is where the supplier came from.

As a precautionary measure, it is recommended that people who have a tray of the indicated batch in their homes refrain from consuming them and return them to the points of sale, where the supermarket must refund their money.

Salmonellosis is an infection caused by salmonella bacteria that attacks the digestive system. The disease is mild in most cases, with symptoms such as nausea, vomiting, diarrhea and moderate fever. Instead, it can be more serious for infants, people with a suppressed immune system, or those who are very old. If salmonellosis attacks these latter groups, they can suffer from blood in the stool, very serious complications due to dehydration or even meningitis.

If someone has consumed any of these products and has any symptoms compatible with salmonellosis (especially vomiting or diarrhoea), it is recommended to go to a health center or hospital as soon as possible.

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