An overwhelming occupation and endless queues at the bars mark the first night of Primavera Sound

People, people and more people. Look where you look. More people than ever, maybe even too many. If that was the intuition in the early hours of the afternoon-night, the darkness brought confirmation that this year Primavera Sound has been overcrowded to the point of bordering on discomfort, accentuated because in various transit areas the queues that form in the bars interrupt the passage of the crowd by crossing the circulation corridors perpendicularly. Paraphrasing Isabel Ayuso, battering ram of the festival’s demands on the Barcelona town hall, if the freedom with straws formula guarantees happiness, Primavera makes both things difficult: drinking requires long waits and the freedom to choose, which is the marrow of the festival offer, It is impossible, because to see some concerts not only in the front row but only in conditions, you have to save the place in advance that makes that happy wandering that is associated with freedom of choice impossible. At this rate, only being a sumo champion will guarantee a guaranteed space. Or having planted umbrellas in Torrevieja. The organization has recognized the problems and affirms that it is making efforts to solve them.

Fortunately, the public, happy and chatty on Thursday, eager for the festival and full of energy, accepted the inconvenience and felt paid for by the music, despite whoever is queen of the day. At the Marina Platform, before an overwhelming crowd turned it into Mordor to see Tame Impala from Cuenca with the soft psychedelia of low-fat yogurt and laser beams, Kacey Musgraves starred in her first massive concert. Seeing her, it came to mind how Rocío Jurado would have been physically at 33 years old, Kacey’s age, if she had been born in Texas like her. Of course, Kacey does not have the overwhelming throne that the Jury had, behaving on stage as a nice light singer. The base of it is country, but his music has approached pop with great songs that move to joy. Since Lonely weekendwith your tone countryuntil bread winnerdanceable pop, going through the version he did of dreams Fleetwood Mac draws a panorama that takes her away from Nashville to bring her closer to the world.

Tame Impala performance, this Thursday.
Tame Impala performance, this Thursday. consolation baptist

The one who lives in her world is Charli XCX, who also put on a choreographic show on the Marina Platform, just her and two dancers on stage, with no musicians in sight who were probably not even there, to shake the crowd with a massage of hyper pop categorical. The hyper pop it would be a pop that is inflated through a spigot through thick bases, powerful arrangements and a very marked rhythm. If pop is Fido Dido, the hyper pop It is the Michelin man, to understand us. culminating moment of her concert that Boys, a relatively soft song in their repertoire, dedicated to all the gays present at the festival. The crowd went crazy. By the way, while she did not change her costumes, two of her dancers did, who in some pieces wore skirts like the Tanxugueiras dancers. The world is very small, yes.

So much so that among the thousands of people who strive to be dressed in the most striking way, Rodrigo Cuevas ended up winning the cat over water with a wardrobe by Constantino Menéndez who, like the music of the Oviedo artist, interprets the world of folk with a contemporary perspective. His looks were wonderful, his way of carrying them, his humor, his music and the non-belligerent self-confidence he used to indicate to the stage technicians that they had turned all his equipment upside down in the Auditori, where later, before a smaller audience , María del Mar Bonet brought out a delicious songbook with stops at dead friends, I would donate to those who are vulgar (arranged by Jordi Sabatés) or Pau Riba, for whom Es fa llarg wait. Both concerts were followed exclusively by local audiences.

All the culture that goes with you awaits you here.


Tame Impala performance, this Thursday.
Tame Impala performance, this Thursday. consolation baptist

For the rest, there were a couple of concerts that indicated that despite what the apologists of the future tell us, the world is still stopped at some points. And so, the concerts by Dinosaur Jr and Yo La Tengo ―both rocked the stage of the amphitheater in which they performed― made us think of that Benicàssim in which the now director of Primavera, Gaby Ruiz, got fired up as a programmer. Dinosaur Jr are more disheveled than Yo la Tengo, the look of their leader, J Mascis, a black t-shirt with a flower print, a cap and four wired hairs coming out of the sides, was not misleading. For her part, Yo La Tengo, with Georgia Hubley every day looking more like an angry governess behind her drums, and her husband Ira Kaplan either torturing or caressing his guitar before the gaze of the third party, the plump and likeable James McNew with his partially white beard, offered an excellent concert with classics such as Tom Courtney either Autumn Sweater. Yes, the indie still lives.

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