Attractive and classy: this is the 'smartphone' that breaks the mold

Design does matter. When purchasing a smartphone emotions take over. At least this is demonstrated by a study carried out by the Department of Business and Marketing of the University of Seville together with researchers from the Catholic University of Northern Chile. When asking the interviewees what they value most in a smartphone, a vast majority mentioned aesthetics.

The color, shape, touch and design of mobile devices directly influence purchase intent. The greater the perceived beauty, the more the emotional bond grows. So does the feeling of functionality. And self-esteem, you don’t have to be a psychologist: if something fills you with truth, the human being is happier and everything seems much better.

The crux of the matter is to find a smartphone that complies with the three is: spectacular, efficient and exciting. No need to go around too much: HONOR X8 is the perfect candidate. Its elegant design and its incredible features will soon make you say: “Yes, I do”.

With flat edges and rounded corners, the body of HONOR X8 is delicately slim, measuring just 7.45mm. Very light (weighs 177 grams), it is comfortable to handle and use, especially when watching movies or in mode gaming. Transportation is also very simple: the singer Rosalía, accustomed ─as she confesses─ to carrying her phone inside her boots, she would feel devotion to this smartphone.

The 'smartphone' passed the extreme tests of the company's R&D team to check its thermal resistance.  It is capable of withstanding both a cold day and high temperatures
The ‘smartphone’ passed the extreme tests of the company’s R&D team to check its thermal resistance. It is capable of withstanding both a cold day and high temperatures

The 6.7″ display has extra slim bezels, allowing for a large viewing area (93.6% screen-to-body ratio). Viewing photos, reading, enjoying a movie or getting carried away with online shopping will be a sublime experience.

As if that were not enough, this smartphone incorporates an impressive ultra-clear quad camera that captures superb images, with a special lens to take selfies, as it could not be otherwise. With video lovers in mind, HONOR has equipped X8 with dual-view recording so that users can capture everything that happens on both sides of their phone. And it is that HONOR devices adapt to your life and make it much more cool.

Extraordinary quality of use

HONOR works every day to raise the quality of its products to the highest level. The smartphone X8 is a clear example of these efforts to improve and offer the best experience to users. The phone has been subjected to various tests to guarantee its good operation in the short, medium and (especially) long term.

• Extreme temperatures. The company’s R&D team has tested the device by carrying out different tests to check its thermal resistance. The objective was to check if the device continued to work at its maximum potential with significant temperature variations and in situations of relative humidity above 95%. HONOR X8 passed with flying colors. Atmospheric tessituras do not affect this terminal, capable of withstanding both a cold day (attention, skiers) and a hot summer day (it is an excellent companion on the beach).

• Outstanding performance. Nobody wants to have a slow mobile. Operations as repetitive as locking and unlocking the phone, dialing digits and characters, fingerprint identification or any tactile maneuver are only possible on devices with optimized performance. The tests that the HONOR X8 underwent showed that its touch screen offers above-average response. It was fully functional after 800,000 taps, which translates to zero worries (and more chances of victory) if the phone is used to play games with friends. The fingerprint sensor continued to work effectively after being repeatedly tested 200,000 times; Also, the phone was woken up from standby mode up to 100,000 times successfully.

With HONOR X8, user can enjoy up to 13 hours of YouTube video content, 19 hours of web browsing and 9.3 hours of non-stop gaming.

• Impact resistance. The materials of Honor X8 make it unshakable in the face of any everyday incident. Withstands the more than (unfortunately) usual falls to the ground from the pocket of the trousers or the bag, it is capable of remaining intact from a height of one meter. It also withstands momentary pressures: those who tend to sit on their phones will be much calmer.

• So young man Like the first day. Neither use nor time make a dent in this smartphone. It is equipped with an innovative anti-aging engine patented by the brand that improves performance and provides a smooth user experience, guaranteed for 36 months. According to the tests carried out, after these three years of continuous use, HONOR X8 experiences an imperceptible drop of 5.9% in efficiency.

fast and efficient

One of the biggest annoyances is that the smartphone hangs when opening an application, during a call or while browsing the internet. Watching the screen fade to black and the phone not responding is frustrating. With HONOR X8 these worries disappear.

The brand guarantees maximum performance and a smooth experience for (at least) 36 months.  After three years, it experiences an imperceptible 5.9% drop in effectiveness.
The brand guarantees maximum performance and a smooth experience for (at least) 36 months. After three years, it experiences an imperceptible 5.9% drop in effectiveness.

It has a capacity of 8 GB of RAM and 128 GB of storage, which prevents background applications from closing or hanging when a user switches from one to another. Nothing will stop you from taking a call or replying to a message when you’re watching a movie or listening to a podcast: the activity will pick up exactly where it left off.

All day battery

Living dependent on the battery life of the mobile phone is a real nuisance. HONOR X8 incorporates a powerful battery for users to enjoy in a big way. It promises up to 13 hours of video content on YouTube, 19 hours of web browsing, and 9.3 hours of non-stop gaming.

Is it time to take a look at the battery? With the fast charging system and in just 10 minutes the terminal receives enough energy to allow three hours of live video playback, for example. This fast charging makes it possible to continue enjoying HONOR X8 with all its functionalities, to always be online.

A high-end mobile for only 249 euros

Enjoying the latest mobile technology does not have to involve a significant financial outlay. HONOR X8 costs 249 euros, a really very tight price. It can be purchased on the Honor website, from the Telefónica, Orange, Vodafone and Yoigo operators and from the main retailers from Spain, such as MediaMarkt, El Corte Inglés, Carrefour, Amazon, among others. There are three colors available, Ocean Blue, Titanium Silver and Midnight Black.

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