The chaos of Primavera Sound: the organization apologizes and promises immediate corrective measures

Plaza de Lesseps, Barcelona, ​​early in the afternoon. A group of foreign women in their twenties buys water. They wear Primavera Sound festival wristbands. Obligatory question: How was last night? They respond enthusiastically talking about Charli XCX and her Show. And the crowd? They look strange. Were you able to drink without losing patience? “Well, it was awkward, there was a long wait and we drank less. It was the worst of the night.” They pay and leave. There are users who have not taken it with such sportsmanship and social networks today were on fire. The long queues that were set up yesterday in front of the Primavera bars exemplified the general feeling of chaos and disorganization, with queues for almost everything and difficulties moving between the central stages when it was the turn of the stars of the poster, see Tame Impala. The organization of the festival has apologized on the networks promising solutions for the remainder of the festival. But, how is it that a festival that has been organized in the Forum for years suffers from situations close to collapse like the ones experienced yesterday?

Sources from the organization have attributed the mess to a series of chained events. In the first place, they say, there was a Wi-Fi drop, which eliminated dataphones and digital collection. Secondly, although the venue is the same, there are two novelties. On the one hand, the bridge that connects the Forum with Besós beach cannot be used, forcing users to take a long walk. According to the event, they are negotiating with the port authority so that this bridge can be enabled and thus facilitate the decongestion of the Forum and the transit of the public between both areas.

The other change is the different situation of the stages of the Marine Platform, which are no longer facing on opposite sides of it, but in parallel on the far side of the Forum. Apparently, this change originated a different flow of public and a behavioral variation in the occupation of the esplanade, which did not empty as much between concerts. In addition, as indicated by the organization, the arrangement in the venue of the bars is not carried out by the festival, but by the competent authorities in terms of security.

Other measures that the organization will implement on the second day are the reinforcement of the staff of the busiest bars and the provision of more free water points on the premises, which will go from three to six. As for figures, the data provided indicates that of the expected 80,000 people, 66,000 showed up, with 95,000 being the capacity that Primavera Sound has available at the Forum. What the organization and the young women who bought water in Plaça de Lesseps agree on is that reasonable queues are inherent to a festival.

This Friday afternoon, it is still early to confirm whether the reinforcement measures in bars and the correction of flows will give results, since the acute problems occur at night. The public who is asked about the day before, especially if it is local, is disgusted, attributing the situation of the first day either to an attempt to earn more money by downsizing staff, or to the poor hospitality training of the bar workers, well to the concentration of headliners in the same time slot and on nearby stages. For their part, foreigners, despite their anger, are somewhat more tolerant.

All the culture that goes with you awaits you here.


By the way, more than one foreigner asked about the famous poster in which the mayor of Barcelona Ada Colau and the president of the Community of Madrid Isabel Díaz Ayuso kiss, think it is an LGTBI allegation, for ignoring who the portrayed are and their ideology . Most of the national public is also on the sidelines of the Madrid-Barcelona debate, and many of them doubt that the festival will leave Barcelona, ​​hinting at evidence: a festival is not just an attractive poster, but a city and its surroundings. The proximity of the sea is a recurring argument, and the attractiveness of Barcelona as a city also weighs. This was influenced by a trio of friends from Madrid, newcomers to the festival: “The sea and the breeze are priceless,” they said. A young woman from Manchester was more specific: “If Primavera leaves Barcelona, ​​I’ll find another festival.”

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