The Prosecutor's Office asks a young man for three years in prison for writing "Spanish is fascism" on a statue of Columbus in Valladolid
Pablo FD, in the foreground, with a red polo shirt, together with members of the platform for his acquittal, pose this Friday next to the monument to Christopher Columbus in Valladolid.
Pablo FD, in the foreground, with a red polo shirt, together with members of the platform for his acquittal, pose this Friday next to the monument to Christopher Columbus in Valladolid.EUROPA PRESS (Europa Press)

The Prosecutor’s Office requests three years and three months in prison for a young man for throwing red paint in 2019 and writing “Spanish is fascism” on a statue of Christopher Columbus in Valladolid. The public ministry also claims for the accused, belonging to the Castilian and Republican association Yesca, a sentence of two years in prison for robberies at the Valladolid headquarters of the far-right National Democracy party. The alleged perpetrator, Pablo FD, is 22 years old and was 20 when the events he is accused of occurred, of which he pleads not guilty. The young man has censured the “inquisitorial and selective procedure” and the prosecutor’s “search for revenge” for a punishment that he believes is “disproportionate” because the monument is “in perfect condition.”

The trial will be held next Monday in the Court of Instruction Number 6 of Valladolid. The sanction requested by the Prosecutor’s Office, in addition to a prison sentence, includes a fine of 3,650 euros and disqualification “for an educational profession and trade” for seven years. According to the account of the representative of the public ministry, on Hispanic Day 2019, in the early hours of October 12, this person and “other unidentified individuals” approached the monument “provided with some containers and some eggs that contained a red colored liquid.

The group threw this painting at the group and the defendant would have written in that same color “Spanish is fascism”, the name Yesca and “anagrams alluding to communism and anarchism”. The tax brief states that the alleged perpetrator of the events “is an active member of the Yesca de Valladolid collective, linked to the Izquierda Castellana party, with Castilian and Republican ideology.”

The document assures that the action was determined by the will to “generate a predisposition against the historical values ​​that the sculptural ensemble represents, against the citizens who may feel identified with them or harbor feelings of patriotism towards the country to which they belong, stigmatizing those who I could express these feelings.” Likewise, the “vandalism act” was recorded and spread on social networks.

The accused also faces an alleged crime of robbery with force for entering the Valladolid headquarters of National Democracy in January 2020. There he would have painted the walls and Spanish flags red. The Prosecutor’s Office believes that these thefts – which included the banner of the Greek neo-Nazi party Golden Dawn, templates with the Falangist yoke and arrow, stickers with the legend “Golden Dawn” or “Long live the unity of Spain” – responded to the “animosity towards the political parties with an ideology opposed to theirs, which the Yesca group qualifies as fascists”.

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The accused has criticized the high request for punishment and has appreciated an “inquisitorial and selective” procedure in the Prosecutor’s Office, since he does not think that this act of vandalism supposes “a hate crime against the feelings of Spanish citizens”, but rather “an action of protest against the fanatical and xenophobic interpretation of the colonial past”. In his opinion, the Prosecutor’s Office seeks an “exemplary” punishment. His position in the trial will consist of reiterating his innocence in the face of a “revanchist” process that he has defined as “the most important political trial in recent years in Valladolid.” The young man will have the support this Friday of various representatives of Valladolid social groups in the squat La Molinera social center and also anticipates that before Monday’s trial a concentration will be convened in support of him.

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