The weekend continues to be hot and balmy in the east and rain and a mild atmosphere in the west

The weather of the first weekend of June, the first of a meteorological summer that seems hotter than usual, will continue with the same trend of the week, with mainland Spain and the Balearic Islands divided into two on Friday and Saturday: much heat and haze in the east of the peninsula and the archipelago and colder than normal and rain in the west. On Sunday, the environment will be much more stable: dry weather will predominate in general and with rising temperatures due to the entry of the Azores anticyclone. And all as a prelude to next week, which will bring back the intense heat, with highs above 35° and tropical nights in the northeast, center and south. In the Canary Islands, the trade wind regime will prevail over the weekend and for much of next week, with clouds in the north of the more mountainous islands and clear skies in the rest. Temperatures will gradually rise, with more than 30° in the second half of the week in the south of the islands.

The cause of this Spain split in two, explains Rubén del Campo, spokesman for the State Meteorological Agency (Aemet), is the presence of an Atlantic storm in the west of the country since the beginning of the week. On the other hand, the eastern half and the Balearic Islands receive much warmer air from Africa, with dust in suspension, so temperatures are still high for the time and there is haze. In between, in mountain areas and surrounding areas of the interior of the peninsula, afternoon storms are expected.

This Friday and Saturday, the weather will be very similar to Thursday because the storm will continue to affect the northwest. Storms are expected in Galicia and Asturias, which can be locally strong -15 liters per square meter in one hour- and accompanied by hail. There may also be locally strong storms in the Pyrenees and nearby areas and the showers may extend to the Ebro depression and the Iberian system. Showers are not ruled out in the Balearic Islands, where the water can fall accompanied by mud. In the rest of the country, slightly cloudy skies and unchanged temperatures, with a warm atmosphere in the eastern third and the Balearic Islands and cool in the western third. The thermometers will exceed 33°/34° in the Ebro valley, inland Catalonia and the southeast of the Peninsula. “These values ​​of cities such as Pamplona, ​​Logroño, Zaragoza and Lleida contrast with others traditionally hotter such as Badajoz, where they will barely exceed 25°/26. Salamanca will stay at just 23 ° ”, highlights the spokesman for Aemet.

On Sunday, the Azores anticyclone will begin to wedge itself into the Peninsula and stabilize the atmosphere, leading to dry weather in most of the country, although there will still be weak rains in Galicia and Asturias and stormy showers in the Catalan Pyrenees, which can be extended to other areas of the community. On Monday, this situation will be repeated, but the Iberian system will be added to the stormy showers.

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Temperatures will drop on Sunday in the northern third and rise in the center, south and Mediterranean areas. This rise will be generalized on Monday, especially in the east of the Peninsula, except in the Valencian Community, where they will drop somewhat. “On Monday it will be more than 30° in a large part of the northeast, center and south and it will exceed 35° in the Ebro valley, areas of La Mancha, inland Murcia and Mallorca, the Guadalquivir valley and southern Andalusia”, points out the meteorologist.

On Tuesday, winds will arrive from the north to the north, which will lower temperatures a bit and leave weak rains in the Cantabrian Sea and the Pyrenees. In the rest of the country, slightly cloudy skies and temperatures with little change: slight decreases in the eastern interior and slight increases in the southwest and the Mediterranean area. In Córdoba, it will already climb to 37° and Murcia to 38°. As of Wednesday, “although there is still uncertainty, it seems that a rise in temperatures is beginning that may continue in the second half of the week,” Del Campo glimpses. If it occurs, it will be a new “unusually warm episode” in the center, east and south of the Peninsula, with 35 ° generalized in these areas and 38 ° in points of the Guadalquivir valley and eastern Andalusia. Tropical nights will also extend through the same areas, in which the thermometers do not drop below 20 °. “These are maximum temperatures between 5° and 10° above what is usual for the time and the minimum, especially in the south, between 3° and 5°”, underlines the Aemet spokesman. The rains “will also be very scarce and weak” from Wednesday to Sunday and will be limited to the extreme north.

The causes are “the presence of a mass of subtropical air that was already warm in origin”, which is added to “the high pressures, which will stabilize the atmosphere and allow the sun to shine, which already heats up strongly in June”. In addition, there will be “an anticyclonic ridge – warm air and high pressures also in the middle levels of the Troposphere – with air that descends and, on its way to the surface, compresses and heats up even more.”

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