Vox will impose its most radical program on Moreno Bonilla if he does not enter the Andalusian Government
The leader of Vox, Santiago Abascal, and his candidate to preside over the Board, Macarena Olona, ​​last weekend in Granada.
The leader of Vox, Santiago Abascal, and his candidate to preside over the Board, Macarena Olona, ​​last weekend in Granada.Europe Press (Europe Press)

Either Juan Manuel Moreno Bonilla puts Vox in the Government or he will have to assume a good part of his electoral program, the most extremist with which the formation has never appeared at an appointment with the polls. That is the strategy with which Santiago Abascal’s party faces the campaign for the elections on the 19th, which began at midnight this Friday. Vox spokesmen repeat that their objective is to win and their goal to enter the Government, as they have done in Castilla y León, but sources close to the leadership admit that there is a plan B if the accounts do not come out.

“If Vox’s votes are necessary, let them forget governing alone, let them forget a vote in favor, let them forget an abstention,” Abascal warned on El Toro TV last Tuesday. But he immediately added: “Or the ideas of Vox, the proposals of Vox, the change that Vox demands counts in the next government [andaluz] o Vox will vote no once and as many times as that government needs.

Abascal thus drew two scenarios: a government in which Vox participates, with Macarena Olona as vice president and a number of ministries equivalent to its weight in seats; or a government in which their proposals “count”. The first scenario is the one that Vox will demand if its votes are necessary to make Moreno president, even with the threat of repeat elections. The second is plan b in case the PP has more seats than the rest of the opposition and Vox is in the position to vote No to frustrate the investiture of Moreno Bonilla. Uniting their votes with those of the left to force a repeat of the elections is a move that cannot be allowed, admit the same sources.

In that case, Vox will demand that Moreno Bonilla assume a good part of his program, even more than if he enters the Government. Olona’s campaign slogan is “real change”, a way of suggesting that the change that occurred in the 2018 elections, when the Socialists were evicted from the Board after 36 years, was only cosmetic and the same policies. And that despite the fact that Moreno Bonilla was elected president thanks to Vox.

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For “real change” to come, Vox must impose its policies on the Andalusian government. The problem for the PP is that some of Olona’s proposals are unaffordable for a European and democratic right. For the first time, his possible partner raises the flag of “national priority”, an openly xenophobic approach, shared by the most racist extreme right, which Abascal’s party did not want to include in the 100 measures for the Living Spain with which it was presented to the 2019 elections. The “national priority” means that Spaniards will have preference over foreigners in access to public aid; such as social housing, electricity bill subsidies or study scholarships. Not only irregular immigrants are discriminated against, but also foreigners residing in Spain who pay their taxes and EU citizens, which violates European treaties.

As in Castilla y León, Vox also wants to repeal the Andalusian Law on Comprehensive Prevention and Protection Measures against Gender Violence; the Andalusian Historical and Democratic Memory Law; or the regional law that guarantees non-discrimination of LGTBI people and their families, among others. Imposing his most radical agenda on Moreno Bonilla is the way to demonstrate that voting for Vox is useful, even if it does not enter its Executive.

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