All against J Balvin: the new reggaeton fight reaches Christian Nodal
Christian Nodal and J Balvin, in the comparison used by the Colombian singer.
Christian Nodal and J Balvin, in the comparison used by the Colombian singer.RR H.H.

It has no end dump against J Balvin. Just a few weeks ago, Residente skinned the man from Medellín in an eight-minute session that broke viewing records, and the reggaeton player has already thrown himself into the mud again, this time against Christian Nodal, one of the Mexican artists of the moment. In various Instagram posts, Balvin has mocked the new look del norteño and has mentioned his recent and media break with fellow singer Belinda. Nodal has quickly entered the rag and has promised to respond to the provocation with a new song. Following the principle of urban music, “this is resolved in the cabin”.

This week Nodal has surprised his followers with a radical transformation: platinum blonde, flower tattoos all over his head, square glasses. The charro is “healing”, as he has said on several occasions, after his difficult separation from Belinda, with whom in just a few months he went from being engaged to airing his discussions on social networks. Nodal, 23 years old, has come to compose these days: “I say goodbye to love… because it doesn’t happen to me”. In that process was the king of mariacheño —a combination of mariachi and norteño music from which he has made his label— when the J Balvin joke arrived.

In a provocative Instagram post, the Colombian hinted that Nodal’s new look mimicked his own. “Find the differences”, he wrote for his 52 million followers. Accustomed to bragging, Balvin did not expect the Mexican’s reaction.

“This dude didn’t wake up joking, he woke up without taking his pills, because he’s not consistent, that the bastard has a documentary talking about peace, mental health, vibes and energy, but on his account he has millions and millions of followers He uploaded a photo so that they make fun of me, when everyone knows it, I am getting up from a very strong shit that I lived and there is no right to do those things, you have to use the networks well, ”he recorded in stories, pissed off, Nodal.

In his usual bravado style, Balvin kept feeding the beef and he hit the Mexican in what is now his weak point: “About the previous photo without any bad intention but the photo is beautiful”, he published along with a video where he appears with a Belinda filter. The discussion was so millennial that many tried to see a designed operation of marketing of two of the most important exponents of urban music.

However, the drama seemed very real for the Mexican, who does not leave a loose comment these days. “East friend he hasn’t learned: he kicked you in the ass Residente and you didn’t learn, I think you even liked it, but you won’t like mine because I wear cowboy boots, they’re pointy, they hurt a lot more. You want to make fun, make people laugh, just sing live on your carnal Instagram, don’t upload things of mine, of people you don’t know, ”criticized Nodal, who announced that he would release the song this week, but has not yet seen the light . J Balvin, for his part, was not concerned about the threat of the northerner: “The corduroy he’s taken it badly, that’s already his problem, I can’t make a joke anymore because they’re already very sensitive, so if you’re going to get the dump that is romantic and that sells, that breaks the streaming because that has always worked well for them.”

The first in discord also entered the mud. Residente recorded a video with one of the songs from Nodal’s new album, Outlaw, to show your support. Everything runs fast in the world of entertainment and Maluma, also from Medellín and Balvin, entered the gossip: “I don’t know why everyone got up so roasted, everyone fighting, everyone as if caught saying things to the another, the other pusheslike that is hitting me too, one dump”.

In the absence of Nodal’s final response, for the moment, the two ended up in their respective accounts singing the same thing: “I do this pa have fun, pa have fun”.

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