An ear with a taste of glory

The ear that Rafaelillo cut off at first in the afternoon must have tasted like heaven. It was not for less after a trajectory as hard as his and, above all, after a wise and solvent task to a noble bull of Adolfo Martín, which he knocked down with a prize stomp throughout the yolk.

The return to the ring was one of those that make an era; With a smile from ear to ear, Rafaelillo took it easy, he greeted the friends he found on the stands, he enjoyed the slow walk, he enjoyed himself like a child with new shoes and he greeted solemnly from the media to say goodbye until the next bull.

Certainly he had reason to be pleased; He had not appeared in this square since 2019, the year of the very serious capture of him in the Sanfermines at the hands of an imposing Miura who crashed him against the boards and miraculously did not destroy him. He needed Rafaelillo a hit on the table, and much better if it could be in Las Ventas, to relaunch his career.

And he has given it sufficiently. He was given the best bull in the bland, dull and lackluster bullfight of Adolfo Martín, the first, with little strength but full of nobility and class in the crutch. The Murcian bullfighter understood it very well from the beginning with his right hand and liked it in a magnificent round of long naturals and overflowing with packaging, which arrived with force at the stands. Grown up at the echo of his bullfight, he signed another bouquet of good right hands, including a change of hands, much cheered by the public. He knew that victory could not escape him, he outlined himself to kill and charged a lawful stomp that immediately knocked down the bull. The square was filled with handkerchiefs and Rafaelillo smiled openly during his slow and clamorous return to the ring.

The room was no longer the same; the bull could not cope with his anatomy and the bullfighter gave repeated proof of his dry and sincere courage, which the public thanked him for.

At his side was another hero, Manuel Escribano, who has signed an extraordinary afternoon without cutting any trophy. That of him first of him, dull and sad, did not allow him any glimpse of brilliance; and the fifth was the meekest and most dangerous of the running of the bulls. He banderilleó both of them with sufficiency, spectacularity and skill. He starred in two thirds of great height —much better than is usual for him—, especially in the third pairs, on the violin and the break in his first and inside in the second.

All the culture that goes with you awaits you here.


And the most complicated and astifino, the fifth, received him on his knees with a long exchange in the middle and, later, he stood up to him, he played his thighs without counting, he showed absolute firmness, he insisted again and again despite the extreme dangerousness of the animal and earned the respect of the lines.

From respect and affection to booing; that was the sad trajectory of Alejandro Talavante in the bullfight that closed his passage through the fair. The public was with him, they wanted to sing any detail to him, but in the end he fired him with a scolding because the bullfighter’s attitude made it clear that his situation is very worrying. He bored with the bland and short course that he made third, which he crutched in a harsh tone, distrustful and without room. And he despaired to the respectable before the sixth. That Garcigrande bull bull pushed tirelessly on the horse, and was tailed by a monosabio, which caused a near scandal. The animal arrived exhausted at the crutch, noble and with quality, but without the spirit to repeat the attacks. Talavante was there without being there, with melted ideas. But the major surprise came at the time of killing. The truth is that he had already staged a rally with the sword in his first, but in this sixth he cheekily walked out, excessively cautious, with lost papers and accompanied by shouts of “out, out”.

The one who deservedly smiled again was Rafaelillo when he crossed the arena on his way to the van. He deserved it…

Martin/Rafaelillo, Notary, Talavante

Bulls of Adolfo Martín -the sixth, returned- very well presented, serious and astifinos, compliant with ease on the horse, noble and subdued in the final third. He stood out for his class on the first afternoon, and meek and dangerous on the fifth. Garcigrande hat, brave and envious on horseback and noble and bottomless in the final third.

Rafaelillo: big lunge (ear); prick and rear lunge (standing ovation).

Manuel Notary: two punctures and almost whole (silence); withering thrust (standing ovation).

Alexander Talavant: puncture, frying pan in the ribs, low average and a pithing (silence); six punctures -warning- puncture, half lunge and a pithing (row).

Sales Square. June 4. Twenty-eighth run of the San Isidro Fair. Full of “no tickets” (22,964 spectators, according to the company).

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