The best cupcake machines for the home
We test and rate the best cupcake makers on the market.
We test and rate the best cupcake makers on the market.

From the United States, the cupcakes have become one of the fashion pastry recipes: although its shape is similar to that of a cupcake, these cup cupcakes —is how they are translated from English to Spanish— are much sweeter and visually more striking thanks to the infinity of toppings and colors with which to decorate them.

The advantage is that they can not only be tasted in a cafeteria or in a pastry shop. Also at home thanks to machines for making cupcakes that exist on the market. Their operation is simple and incorporate two plates —one on each side— covered with a non-stick material so that when they are removed from their molds the dough does not break or stick. Thus, they can be extracted more easily.

what machines to make cupcakes have we chosen?

These are the models selected: Ariete Party Time Sandwiches & Cookies (9.25), Beer 90,498 (7.75), Bestron ‎ACC217P (7.5), Clatronic MM 3496 (8) and Russell Hobbs Fiesta 3 in 1 Cake Maker (8.75). When analyzing and assessing them, the following aspects have been taken into account:

– Design: how is the construction quality of the machine and the plates where the dough is poured to make the cupcakes.

– Power: At higher power, these cupcakes are cooked and baked earlier, so the time you have to wait to taste them is shorter. Does each proposal make good use of the power offered?

– Cleaning: although some models allow the plates or molds where the dough is cooked to be placed in the dishwasher. cupcakeall cleaning tasks have been done by hand.

– Experience: If the dough cooks and bakes well, is the cupcake? It has also been assessed, in relation to this criterion, if the machine allows other processes to be carried out.

Comparison which is the best machine cupcakes? So we have tested

To make this comparison, we scheduled different cooking sessions to test each one. Since each model includes a recipe for making cupcakes, this facilitated the work when looking for a recipe to make the dough. Once the cupcakes were ready, they were decorated with different toppings to taste them.

the c machinecupcakes Ariete Party Time Sandwiches & Cookies has achieved the highest rating. Proportional to best manufacturing quality and its retro design gives it a different look. Although it can also be used to prepare donuts and sandwiches, we have focused exclusively on its performance as a machine to make cupcakes. The process of cooking and baking the dough is the best and the anti-adherence of your molds as well.

Machine of cupcakes Ariete Party Time Sandwiches & Cookies: our choice

In addition to wearing the most beautiful and eye-catching design thanks to your retro aestheticoffers the best finishes andcmanufacturing alities. Quickly, it is perceived how the Italian manufacturer of small electrical appliances has taken care of even the smallest detail: for example, the light indicators of switched on Y clever They have a small grayish ring around them that matches the bottom of the machine and the two non-slip feet including a rubber surface. Also, includes cable reel Y safety lock.

Data sheet

  • Power: 700 watts.
  • Removable plates: Three.
  • Dimensions: 270 x 220 x 110mm.
  • Weight: 2.6kg
  • Others: collect cables, safety lock, power indicator and ready.

Its dimensions are 270 x 220 x 110 mm and it has a weight 2.6kg. The machine of cupcakes Ariete Party Time Sandwiches & Cookies It includes —as is the case with the Russell Hobbs model— three removable plates, because it is not only used to prepare cupcakes (up to six in each round) but also donuts Y sandwiches. The mechanism for exchanging these molds with each other is similar to your opponent’s system, so it’s very easy to get familiar with.

Although it has one of the lowest powers in the comparison, this does not prevent it from standing out from the rest and offering the best results. The mass of cupcake it’s delicious and when savored the sensation is very pleasant to the palate. Baking is very good and since the non-stick surface of the molds is good, the preparations barely stick a little. Thus, cleaning is much easier.

The best, the worst and conclusions

  • The best: retro design, quality of construction and preparation of the cupcakes.
  • Worst: It is the least economical option.
  • Conclusions: not only stands out for its retro aesthetics and build quality. Also for how well she cooks and bakes the cupcakes. The flavor of the dough is the best.

Machine of cupcakes Russell Hobbs Fiesta 3 in 1 Cake Maker: the alternative

In black and red, the machine of cupcakes Russell Hobbs Fiesta 3 in 1 Cake Maker It sports a circular design and in addition to being used to make cupcakes can be used to make donuts Y waffles. This explains why it includes three types of plates or molds that will be used according to the chosen recipe: changing between one and the other is simple, because the machine includes a tab on each inner face to proceed with the exchange.

It has two indicator lights; while the red one informs that it is connected to the electrical outlet and that, therefore, it begins to take heat, the green one gives way to the second phase: that of the process of cooking and baking the dough of the cupcakes. In this case, it is possible to prepare up to six units.

It is one of the fastest, so in about seven or eight minutes they are ready. In this regard, it makes good use of its 900 watts of power and the heat is distributed fairly evenly. Their non-stick ability It is also among the best. The machine can be stored both vertically and horizontally and the plates can be placed in the dishwasher. Other features of interest are: heat insulated handles, self-closing lid and base with pick up cables.

Machine of cupcakes Clatronic MM 3496: best value for money

The machine of cupcakes Clatronic MM 3496 It is part of the manufacturer’s Fun Cooking series. As with the others, it is easy to find a place in the kitchen to store it thanks to its compact dimensions: 225 x 225 x 115 mm. Also, as it only weighs 1.25kg and it is comfortable to move around with it if, for example, we want to use it at a friend’s or relative’s house.

Its operation is based on a system that can be extended to other machines in its category to produce cupcakesthe one of the double control lamp: the red light indicates that it is heating up and the green one that the cooking process of the dough has started (this light turns off and on several times so that the cooking temperature is maintained).

Although it offers a 900 watt power, this figure could be used much better, since the cooking and baking time lasts a few more minutes compared to other proposals with which it shares this same power. In each round, it is possible to prepare up to seven cupcakes.

With overheat protection, the base where the entire structure sits provides good adherence to the surface where it is placed. Although the handle is heat insulated in order not to burn yourself, other models solve this feature better.

Machine of cupcakes Beer 90,498

Its claim is the power it is capable of offering: 1,000 watts. In practice, this value is not appreciated after comparing the time that must be spent for the appliance to cook and bake the cupcakes. It should take less and this does not happen. Despite this detail, the machine of cupcakes Beer 90,498 It is not a bad alternative within the price range in which it operates.

Share with your opponents a light weight (just over a kilogram), their dimensions take up little space (200 x 250 x 100 mm) and is possible to make seven cupcakes at once. As expected, the predominant manufacturing material is plastic. On the other hand, the non-slip feet give it a good stability. Its features also include cable collector and double light indicator: red (the machine is working) and green (temperature reached). Cleaning the mold, once the muffins have been removed (the anti-adherence of the plates is correct), is simple.

Machine of cupcakes Bestron ‎ACC217P

From an aesthetic point of view, its design is striking, since pink is not a color that is usually used in kitchen appliances and appliances. With dimensions of 275 x 230 x 132 mm, the quality of the plastic that surrounds the structure is not perceived as bad. While, the design of the non-slip feet has been solved very well: Added rubber feet raise it a few inches off the surface it sits on.

Up to seven cupcakes can be prepared at the same time. The operation and commissioning of the machine of cupcakes Bestron ‎ACC217P stands out —as is the case with the competition— for its simplicity thanks to the incorporation of a double indicator light (on/off, and ready to use) and the automatic temperature control.

How was the experience? Despite being among the cheapest options, the dough cooks without problems and the cupcakes they bake pretty well, especially those that are placed in the central part of the tray because the heat is not always distributed evenly. reach one 700 watt peak power. On the other hand, the non-stick coating could be improved because while in some areas the cupcakes they come off without difficulty, in others it costs a little more. In terms of security, it offers closing clip, heat resistant casing Y heat insulated handle.

*All purchase prices included in this article are current as of June 5, 2022.

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