Primavera Sound: Nick Cave and Gorillaz, the two faces of the triumph on the last night

The faces of the members of the organization were satisfied. Despite the problems that arose on Thursday, Primavera Sound managed to redirect the situation. In the absence of official data to confirm it, on Saturday night he managed to gather 80,000 people at the Forum, to whom he was able to smoothly provide the required services. At midnight on Sant Adrià del Besòs beach there was as much public as would fit on one of the large yachts moored in the port. Proof that the central part of the festival can reasonably absorb three crowds. And there were two that decided the triumph of the day at the festival. One to follow the concert of Nick Cave, a mournful public healing of personal wounds. Another, with Gorillaz and their celebration of musical fusion in a concert that is the opposite of Cave’s, festive, colorful and danceable. In the festivals there is everything and everything fits, from mourning to revelry. It’s all a matter of time and setting. For this reason, in this world of a la carte consumption, today they offer a proposal that is little less than unbeatable.

Atmosphere at Primavera Sound on the last night of the first weekend of the festival at the Fòrum.
Atmosphere at Primavera Sound on the last night of the first weekend of the festival at the Fòrum.consolation baptist

Nick Cave was emotionally devastated after the recent loss of his son. It was the second of his concerts of the tour and at the first change it was clear that the pain could only spur him on. He gave away, from the outset, the best poses of his fine image, set in a dark suit with a white shirt. Before the first song of the repertoire finished, Get Ready For Love, had already shaken hands with those who offered theirs from the first rows. With what vehemence the public extended them in pursuit of his secular god! In a short time, in From Hear To Eternity he managed to get a spectator to hold the microphone while he ruffled those eternally black and straight hair that he combs back while he sang. Scenic domain is called, capacity for seduction, a myth that allows itself to be touched and appreciates the proximity that makes it great. Nick Cave is as smart as hunger.

Nick Cave offered the second concert of his tour at Primavera Sound, after the recent loss of one of his sons.
Nick Cave offered the second concert of his tour at Primavera Sound, after the recent loss of one of his sons. consolation baptist

The first part of the concert was dark and restrained, with Cave applying himself to the piano in pieces such as oh children either carnival, for which a Warren Ellis is also responsible, who looks more and more like a castaway. His parched gray hair falling around a head that ends a beard that seems to have grown as if it were weeds. Not shying away from the pain, but rather attempting to exorcise it in public, Cave devoted i need you his two deceased sons. The oldest died early last month. The public enveloped him in an ovation that, if he did not cure him, was the best soothing that the crowd could apply to him. The same one that recognized the passage through the scene of pieces like Jubilee Street and recoveries of yesteryear as Your hair. In the second part, electricity grew through titles of the caliber of The Mercy Seat, leaving behind the airs of mournful litany. Already in the encores, the softness of Into My Arms accompanied the concert to its conclusion with Ghostspeaks. And, of course, nobility obliges, the screens offered the entire concert in black and white. Nineteen healing stations chimed in total.

The audience engulfed Nick Cave during his performance.
The audience engulfed Nick Cave during his performance.consolation baptist

All the culture that goes with you awaits you here.


Moments later, at the other end of the Forum, on Sant Adrià beach, there were so few people that even two bars closed. The open ones had almost more service than applicants for it. Alizzz began his performance in front of an esplanade occupied by parched grass and DJ Playero gave the dembow before a local public, recognizable because he pronounced without any accent Pimp Daddy. Whether due to the lack of direct access, or due to a program that as a whole has not been very striking, the Primavera has a hole in Sant Adrià del Besòs. As much as the party ends there, which happens when the rest of the main stages no longer work, the deployed infrastructure does not seem well profitable.

Because, of course, the party was at the Marina Platform, where Gorillaz displayed the colorism of a very fun concert. A sensational band that included a wind sextet and a group of backing vocalists to further blacken the proposal, which also has Caribbean roots, through which guests paraded that reinforce the choral sense of the album Song machine, season one: strange timez, from De La Soul to Fatoumata Diawaran, passing through Mos Def or slowtai. All this wrapped in projections where he commanded the color and the cartoon, before a crowd that remembered the sand trembling and bouncing on a percussion patch. With Damon Albarn doing everything from singing to playing melodica, keyboards or guitar, he played it all: dance-hall, funkyNew Orleans, pop, soul, gospel, hip hop and a lot groove. And in that tide of moving bodies there were, it will seem unbelievable, those who, while patting their satisfaction with both hands, protected their drinks between their feet with the zeal with which penguins preserve their eggs from the snow. The technique will serve again in the Forum the next and last weekend of a festival that from today moves to the halls.

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