Boris Johnson will submit to an internal vote of no confidence on Monday over the 'partygate' scandal

With the Platinum Jubilee over, the UK Government is facing a holiday hangover. Not those that have commemorated the long reign of Elizabeth II for four days, but those that Boris Johnson and his team celebrated in Downing Street during confinement, which caused the outrage of the British. The conservative parliamentary group will finely submit its prime minister to a motion of internal censure this Monday, starting at six in the afternoon (seven in the afternoon, Spanish peninsular time). the magic figure of 54 “confidence withdrawal” cards has been reached. At least 15% of the deputies Tories he has sent Graham Brady, the chairman of the 1922 Committee, a text stating his wish that Johnson be replaced in office. The committee brings together the so-called backbenchers (literally, back seat MPs), the majority of Conservative MPs who do not hold government office, and thus have more loyalty to their constituents and their own political future than to Johnson.

“The Prime Minister welcomes the opportunity to make his case to MPs, and reminds them that only when we are united and focused on the issues that matter do we become a formidable political force,” said a Downing Street spokesman. The strategy is clear: a warning about the damage that the image of a party submerged once again in an internal war can cause.

The no-confidence motion will take place almost two weeks after the report on parties in Downing Street during the pandemic was published, a text by the deputy secretary of the Prime Minister’s Cabinet Office, Sue Gray, in which they asked responsibilities to Johnson. Although the conservative leader then returned to apologize to Parliament and the public in an attempt to stop a rebellion in the party, the content of the report has once again caused a political storm. In the 37 pages of the text, Gray, without direct appointments to Johnson, explained that “many people will be shocked at the scale of the behavior that took place in the very heart of the Government”, and added: “The highest level leaders, both politically and administratively, they must take responsibility for this culture [de alcohol y fiestas]”.

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