The prosecutor requests a new autopsy report to clarify what actor Luis Lorenzo's political aunt died of
Luis Lorenzo and Arancha Palomino arrive at a supermarket with their son, on June 30 in Madrid.
Luis Lorenzo and Arancha Palomino arrive at a supermarket with their son, on June 30 in Madrid.Jose Ramon Hernando (Europa Press)

A key unknown hangs over the cause of the death of Isabel Suárez Arias, 85, the political aunt of actor Luis Lorenzo: if the woman was poisoned with cadmium and manganese – as the agents of the Madrid Civil Guard homicide group believe —How did the toxins reach the body of the deceased without damaging the liver or the respiratory tract? And, even more, were those heavy metals the cause of her death, as the autopsy maintains? These are issues that remain unresolved since the woman died – in principle it was considered to be a “natural death” – on June 28, 2021 at the home of the actor and his partner, Arantxa Palomino, niece of the deceased. Proof of the great doubts that hang over the matter, for which the couple is accused of “murder”, is that the prosecutor of the case, whose instruction is carried out by Court Number 9 of Arganda del Rey, has requested a new autopsy report to clarify the first autopsy, which was performed on the body in Oviedo before being buried and at the request of one of the deceased’s brothers.

The details of the investigation, initiated after the complaint for the “disappearance” of that brother, José María Suárez, became known on May 25, when the Civil Guard arrested Lorenzo and his partner as alleged perpetrators of the alleged poisoning. in his house in Rivas-Vaciamadrid (Madrid), where the doctors certified Isabel’s death.

According to the brother’s version, Isabel was perfectly fine in her apartment in Grado, where she lived until March 2021 when her niece and her husband took her to Madrid (through trickery, according to her point of view). Her inability to contact her sister in Madrid throughout the three months that elapsed until she died was what led her to file a report for her disappearance. And she, after knowing her death, she to request an autopsy.

The inquiries of the agents of the Homicide Group of the Madrid Command led them to conclude that the marriage caused the death of the old woman to seize a good part of her inheritance, since they had previously gone with her to a notary to modify the will favoring his niece.

However, the greatest proof of the charge, the results of the examination of the deceased’s body, are “very strange”, “rare” and “confusing”, according to the forensic experts consulted. For this reason, the prosecutor now requests a new report that clarifies the “cause, type, etiology and date of death in relation to the type of quantity of substances found in the deceased.”

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In addition, it requests a medical study stating the “previous pathologies that the deceased could have been diagnosed with, from what date and their symptoms” and that establishes whether “a situation of neglect or lack of medical care can be seen in the months prior to his death”, and if he kept “his intellective and volitional qualities intact, diminished or annulled in the month of May 2021 and until the date of his death”, period in which the signatures and the change of will took place before a notary.

The representative of the public ministry also demands that the moment of acute intoxication by heavy metals (cadmium and manganese) that caused his death be “fixed, if it could be prolonged over time, in days, or in moments prior to his death. ”. The prosecutor also requests that they determine “which products contain these heavy metals and if they can be the cause of the intake of other medications and in what quantity.”

The result of these new analyzes depends on whether the accusation of murder against the two defendants is upheld, which the judge released provisionally, with the withdrawal of the passport and the obligation to appear weekly in court.

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