French cyclists complain about Nadal's infiltrations: "What he did would have been impossible on a bicycle"


“For a cyclist that is prohibited, but even if it were not, the whole world would jump on him calling him doped,” explains Guillaume Martin in an interview published by l’quipe.

Nadal, after his triumph at Roland Garros.
Nadal, after his triumph at Roland Garros.Mohammed BadraEFE

The infiltrations of Rafael Nadal to alleviate the pain in his left foot are disconcerting several French cyclists, because they claim that this therapy is allowed in tennis, but prohibited in cycling. What Nadal did would have been impossible on the bike, and I think that’s normal. If you are sick or injured, you do not run, you do not compete, that seems to me to be common sense for the health of athletes, explains William Martin in an interview published by l’quipe this Tuesday.

In the long run, I’m not sure it will do Nadal’s ankle any good. Infiltrations can have performance effects, so it seems to me that they are very borderline, says Martin, a cyclist and specialist in philosophy. He has written several books on this subject.

An opinion that also shares Thibaut Pinot. The French cyclist, a member of the Movement for Credible Cycling (MPCC), had already reacted via Twitter. The 32-year-old runner was surprised to see that Rafael Nadal did not report the exact number of injections received during the fortnight in Paris.

Although Guillaume Martin acknowledges that, beyond the laws, the image between the two sports is also very different before the public and the media. For a cyclist that is forbidden, but even if it were not, everyone would jump on him calling him doped, explains the 28-year-old runner, aware that due to the doping cases that appeared in the 90s and 2000s, his sport was very damaged. While people praise Nadal for having been able to go so far with pain. The bicycle winner, especially in the Tour, even if there is no element behind, is systematically accused of dopinghe adds.

A debate, in the case of Rafael Nadal, which will soon cease to be. The Spaniard has announced that he will not go through this medical procedure again in the future. A technique that allows you to play without pain, but also without sensation or sensitivity, like teeth put to sleep by the dentist. A new radiofrequency treatment to avoid, at 36 years old, an operation that could compromise his career ending when he has already announced his intention to play Wimbledon at the end of June

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