Two arrested for sexual abuse of eight girls at the Moorish and Christian festivals of Elda, in Alicante
Archive photo of the UFAM-Elda Research Group.
Archive photo of the UFAM-Elda Research Group.NATIONAL POLICE (Europa Press)

Eight young girls, three of them minors, have denounced that they have been subjected to touching of their private parts during the celebration of the Moors and Christians festivities in Elda (Alicante) this weekend. Three of them had to be treated by health personnel due to anxiety attacks. The National Police received complaints about these events two nights in a row, last Saturday and Sunday. The alleged perpetrators turned out to be the same in all cases, two men aged 21 and 31 who were arrested early Monday morning and are initially accused of crimes of sexual abuse.

In relation to the facts, the judge has opened “two cases for crimes against sexual freedom and indemnity, without prejudice to further qualification.” The first, in which both detainees are being investigated, affects half a dozen victims, while in “the second, with two victims, only one of those arrested is involved.”

The sequence of arrests begins on the night of Sunday to Monday. Three girls who were in a room with a stage and DJ music, totally packed with young people, reported at around 3:40 in the morning that two boys “had tried to put them on their shoulders”, according to sources close to the investigation. With that excuse, those now arrested tried to hug and kiss them and “touched their private parts and breasts without their consent.”

The young women attacked called the police, at which point the alleged criminals took the opportunity to flee. However, a police force that was part of the special party device implemented by the city council immediately appeared at the scene. The complainants gave the description of the two men and one of them was arrested in the vicinity of the festive site and was taken to the Elda-Petrer police station.

While the arrest was being processed, “another young woman called 091” to report that she had been the victim of a similar situation, exactly in the same place as the previous ones. Several agents who had been monitoring the area located the young woman, listened to her statement and identified the other perpetrator of the touching, “who had returned” only to continue “touching, hugging and kissing” the surrounding girls. Once arrested, two more girls approached to report that they had also been touched by the two detainees.

The agents took the second detainee and the victims to the police station, where specialists from the Family and Women’s Unit (UFAM) of the Elda-Petrer judicial police brigade took charge of the investigation. While taking statements from the young women attacked, one of the agents pointed out that there was a similar complaint, filed the previous morning, in which two girls reported that they had suffered identical situations in the same room, although by a single aggressor whose physical characteristics coincided with that of the youngest of the detainees. The investigators summoned the complainants and, after taking their statements, charged the 21-year-old arrested with these crimes.

The National Police accuses the two detainees of alleged crimes of sexual abuse, although “in the event that it is shown that violence or intimidation has been exercised against the victims”, clarify sources close to the case, “it could be classified as sexual assault”.

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