The Electoral Board reprimands the PP for using the image of the King in Moreno's campaign for 19-J

The Electoral Board of Andalusia has reprimanded the PP not to use the image of the King again in the electoral campaign, as has happened with a photograph recently published on social networks in which Felipe VI could be seen in a friendly attitude with the candidate of the PP to the Andalusian elections, Juan Manuel Moreno, along with the statements “You had been waiting for a president like this for a long time…” and “Everyone with Juanma!”. Moreno himself has recognized this Thursday in Malaga that it was “an error” and that he has given “a slap on the wrist” to those responsible for the cartel.

The electoral control body considers that there has been an “improper appropriation of the Crown” for the benefit of the PP, but has ruled out opening a disciplinary file because the campaign has been withdrawn even before the PSOE denounced it.

In a resolution of June 8, against which an appeal can be filed before the Central Electoral Board, it has warned “all the people” who have “responsibilities to that effect in the Popular Party” to “refrain from using or appropriating” denominations or symbols that refer to the Crown or the figure of the King. The notice includes the possibility that in “future violations”, it is agreed to open a sanctioning file.

The resolution concludes that the denounced image violates article 46.5 of the Organic Law of the General Electoral Regime (LOREG), which establishes that “nominations may not be presented with symbols that reproduce the flag or the coat of arms of Spain or with denominations or symbols that refer to to the Crown.

The PSOE candidate, Juan Espadas, has urged the Electoral Board to stop recommending in its resolutions and start sanctioning. Speaking to journalists at an act in Almería, he has shown his respect for the resolution, but has regretted that the architect of the “propaganda machinery” of the Junta and the PP, Elías Bendodo, prefers that there be lawyers denouncing rather than complying with the rules.

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