FIFA agrees with Ecuador for the Byron Castillo case and Chile will not attend the World Cup in Qatar

Chile will not occupy Ecuador’s place in the next World Cup in Qatar. The FIFA disciplinary committee, meeting this Friday morning, has not considered valid the Andean soccer federation’s claim for improper alignment of the player Byron Castillo in eight matches of the South American qualifying phase in which he participated with the Ecuadorian team. The complaint filed by the Chileans accused Castillo of having falsified documents to hide that his real nationality is Colombian.

The two final sentences of the year 2021 issued by the Ecuadorian justice and presented by the federation of the tricolor team have been final in the verdict. In one, Castillo is declared an Ecuadorian citizen with full rights and in the other he is ordered to give him the national identification card. FIFA cannot legislate against the jurisprudence of a sovereign country, so its disciplinary bodies consider that Chile’s allegations are not as solid and definitive as those presented by the Ecuadorian soccer leaders.

In the eight games that Castillo played valid for the World Cup classification, the Ecuadorian team added 14 points that, according to the lawsuit filed by Chile, should be subtracted, which would give their team fourth place and direct classification. for the next World Cup event. With this first verdict, the four direct places of Brazil, Argentina, Uruguay and Ecuador are maintained, and Peru will play the playoff against Australia on Monday, June 13.

The argumentation of the Chilean complaint was supported by a cascade of documentary evidence that would show that Castillo falsified his Ecuadorian nationality. The last evidence presented was a baptism certificate dated December 25, 1996 in the diocese of Tumaco (Nariño, Colombia). According to this registration, Byron Castillo would have been born in Tumaco (Colombia) and falsified documentation to prove that he is originally from Playas (Ecuador) and thus obtain Ecuadorian nationality, which has been in doubt since he joined the lower Ecuadorian teams. In 2017, the Ecuadorian federation itself eliminated Castillo from the call for a South American sub 20 due to doubts about his nationality. Castillo, currently a player for Barcelona de Guayaquil, was trained at the Sport Norte América club, which in 2018 was sanctioned for falsifying documents of several dozen players so that they could play with Ecuadorian nationality. An Ecuadorian club, Emelec, also rejected his transfer in 2015, not being sure of the soccer player’s Ecuadorian origin.

The Chilean federation now has ten days to request the grounds for the decision of the FIFA disciplinary bodies and another five to appeal. The appeal ruling could be known between September and October. If the decision is upheld, the next and last avenue for Chile would be to appeal to the Lausanne Court of Arbitration for Sport (CAS). To speed up the process and for the CAS to resolve before the start of the World Cup, on November 21, you could request an urgent procedure, but this must be in common agreement with the other party. Ecuador will refuse, so the resolution of the Swiss sports court would come months after the World Cup event has concluded.

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