Imanol Arias charges against TVE: “It is unbearable to be on that chain.  I hope not to return to anything public for a long time."

Although at the 22nd season of Tell me how it happened There is still one chapter left to broadcast, this Thursday’s closed most of the plots. With the end of this batch of episodes, rumors about the future of the veteran public television series are revived. On Tell me and its future spoke its protagonist, Imanol Arias, this Wednesday in the program The Capital from TeleBilbao, some statements that have raised dust and for which the actor has apologized this Friday on Instagram.

At one point in the long interview, lasting an hour and a half, the actor addresses the situation of Televisión Española and his experience working in the public broadcaster. “It is unbearable to be in that chain, I hope not to return to anything in a long time, to anything public. In this country it is unbearable”, says the actor, to continue seconds later: “I don’t want to go back, let them release me now”.

Arias’s blunt answer came after the presenter Joseba Solozabal’s question about what it seems to cost to recognize the success of national productions in Spain. “It’s public television, we all treat it that way,” says the interpreter. Arias recalled in his response the elimination of TVE advertising in 2010, a fact that he thought would mean the death of public television. “It is very expensive”. According to the actor, the elimination of advertising would mean “having fewer and fewer viewers” for a television that, according to the actor, has a budget of about 1,700 million euros (in reality, it is currently about 445 million).

The actor also charged against the workers of the public corporation, “9,000 people that I have seen who do nothing, who are left over. Why Tell me is not done with TVE workers? Why is no series made with those workers who are hired? And since we come from outside, they publish the salary of those outside of television, why don’t they publish the salary of those who are inside and do nothing? It’s unbearable to be in that chain.” Thanks to the RTVE transparency mailbox and a query from the digital media Popular Voiceit was made public that Imanol Arias and Ana Duato earn about 47,000 euros per episode, that is, more than 900,000 euros per season.

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Next, he revealed what, according to Arias, is the reason why TVE supposedly decided to end the series. “From the first chapter of this season, Narcís Serra came out, that is historic, and he said that they should remove the doctor to justify the death of an ETA member and avoid Roldán. Someone from the board of directors, a socialist, a woman, who earns 7,500 euros a month, said, ‘we have to cut off this head because we are beginning to tell a story that is very bad for the PSOE’. After three weeks they said we were done. That’s public television. I don’t want to go back, let them release me now, “he concluded. Since 2012, the directors of RTVE have not received a salary, but instead receive per diems for attending their meetings.

This Friday, Ganga, producer of Tell me how it happened, has disassociated himself from Arias’s words with a statement: “No one in this production company shares the statements made by Imanol and we feel embarrassed by them.” In the text they also show their “absolute respect towards all the members of the board of directors of RTVE and their decisions, respect that extends towards all the professionals of the house. The assumption that one of them has been able to veto Tell me by reason of some of its plots it is, in addition to crazy, false”.

Those responsible for the series, one of the most successful on Spanish television in the world and which has accumulated dozens of awards in its more than 20 years of life, have always shown the independence they have had when it comes to develop their plots, regardless of the political party that was in power at the time. And in that same line they insist in this statement. “We have never received slogans from RTVE.” They take advantage of the text to thank the public channel “for the freedom that it has always offered to the authors and performers of this television work.”

“This production company has been working side by side with TVE for 20 years, and we are proud of everything we have achieved together based on solid and continuous work by both parties. We regret that such a positive collaboration could be called into question,” the statement concludes.

Shortly after the announcement by Ganga Producciones, Imanol Arias published a photo of the series on Instagram core brigade, which he starred in between 1989 and 1990 on TVE, accompanied by a text in which he apologizes for his “unfortunate and unfortunate” statements, “unbefitting of me and not really sincere, the result of a verbiage that flooded me that night”. “I spent three towns, I honestly lost my mind, and nothing I said fully represents me. I betrayed myself and many people with whom I have worked hard and well. TVE is like my family and one can lose one’s temper with the family”, she adds.

the future of Tell me It hasn’t been decided yet. As Bluper published in April, the public network could be studying ending the series with a shorter season than usual or a television movie that closes the plots. But the final decision has not yet been made.

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