Julee Cruise, seductive voice of the title song of 'Twin Peaks', dies
Julee Cruise singing 'Falling' in the pilot episode of the series 'Twin Peaks' (1990).
Julee Cruise singing ‘Falling’ in the pilot episode of the series ‘Twin Peaks’ (1990).CBS Photo Archive (Getty Images)

On a misty piano begins to sound the seductive voice of Julee Cruise. the theme is called falling, It is composed by Angelo Badalamenti and the lyrics were written by David Lynch. Rarely has a song set a series so well, in this case Twin Peaks. Julee Cruise’s dreamy voice just died. The American singer has died at the age of 65. Her partner, Edward Grinnan, has announced on Facebook: “Julee left this kingdom on her own terms, with no regrets. She now she is at peace. I put your song Roam [deambular] while he was leaving. Now she will wander forever. She rests in peace, my love.”

Roam is a festive piece by the Athems (Georgia) group The B-52′s, with whom Cruise toured during the 1990s in place of lead singer Cindy Wilson. But Cruise will always be associated with falling, the theme song for Lynch’s series, a song she included on her 1989 album, Floating into the Night, his first work, released in 1989. “David Lynch writes, Angelo Badalamenti composes the music and I become Neptune’s Doris Day and singing”, Cruise said in an interview for this newspaper. Floating into the Night is one of the referents of the so-called dream Pop, a subgenre of music indie characterized by its ghostly and relaxed atmosphere. The singer’s relationship with Lynch dates back to the movie blue velvet (1986), where an interpretation of her sounds, Mysteries Of Love.

In that 1991 interview with EL PAÍS, he defined his relationship with Lynch as follows: “He is the best teacher I have found and he has taught me a lot about what is or is not important in music and in cinema.” Already, in 2018, he resorted to irony in Guardian to describe the director: “She’s like a little sister: she has those kinds of tantrums. And have you ever seen her temper? Anyone can look funny when she gets mad, of course. But I love him”. Cruise appeared in an episode of Twin Peaks, singing in the village bar. She also had cameo appearances in the series’ continuation in 2017.

Cruise, who was born on December 1, 1956 in Creston (Iowa), was a rather unusual artist, who only published four works: the aforementioned Floating into the Night (1989), The Voice of Love (1993), The Art of Being a Girl (2002) and My Secret Life (2011). She also worked as an actress in a low-key way, in the alternative theater circuit of Broadway. In fact, one of her first jobs was playing Janis Joplin in a modest musical. A foray into wild rock that she then completely eliminated when she saw that where she was at her best was the whispering hues. She was considered a cult artist. In 2018 she announced that she had a tumor.

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