Justin Bieber cancels upcoming concerts due to facial paralysis caused by a virus
Justin Bieber, in the presentation of the documentary for television
Justin Bieber, at the presentation of the television documentary “Justin Bieber: Seasons”, in January 2020 in Los Angeles.MARIO ANZUONI (REUTERS)

A partial facial paralysis caused by a virus has forced Justin Bieber to temporarily put his career on hold. In a video posted on the social network Instagram, the singer said that he has been diagnosed with Ramsay Hunt syndrome and that he can only smile with one side of his mouth. The 28-year-old Canadian has canceled some concerts to focus on his recovery.

In addition to the mouth, the paralysis has also affected the nerves in the right ear and face. The pop singer has explained that his right eye does not blink and he cannot move that side. “So there is complete paralysis on this side of my face,” he noted as he explained that he is doing facial gymnastics and that he hopes to recover. “It will go back to normal,” he added. “It’s just a temporary thing but I don’t know how long it’s going to last,” he told his fans, to whom he assured them that he is physically unable to go on stage right now.

Bieber rose to fame at age 13 by becoming a global pop phenomenon with songs like Baby Y Believe. She has won two Grammys out of 22 nominations received, the latter for best album and song of the year for Peacheshis latest success.

Bieber’s syndrome is caused when a virus, the same one that causes chickenpox and shingles, infects a nerve in the head. It is a painful rash that usually responds to steroid or antiviral treatment. In the Instagram video, the singer does not specify if he is taking medication to treat it, only that, in addition to facial gymnastics, he will dedicate himself in the short term “to rest and relax” until he can go back to doing what he was born for, according to what he says. .

This is being a fateful year for Bieber. In February, he was diagnosed with covid after the inaugural concert of his world tour, and the following month, his wife, Hailey, suffered a clot in the brain just as the singer resumed the tour, reports the portal huffpost. Hailey Bieber recovered within a few hours, although she admitted having suffered “one of the worst scares” of her life. In 2016, the singer announced to his followers that she was carrying a deep mental and emotional exhaustion due to the pressure and expectations placed on him. After overcoming a depression, in 2020 he released his first album in five years.

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