Paz Padilla returns to Mediaset Spain: the group reinstates the presenter three months after her dismissal

Mediaset Spain has agreed with Paz Padilla to resume the contract that linked him to the company, “exactly in the same terms in which it was”, the communication group confirms to this newspaper. This reunion occurs three months after her dismissal for “breach of her obligation” as a presenter of Save me.

The incorporation of the actress and presenter will not take place immediately, but at the end of a series of professional commitments acquired in recent months, explains Mediaset España in a statement.

The communication group fired Padilla last March, just seven months after renewing his long-term contract. At the time of it, she argued that the Cadiz woman had left the evening space ahead of time during her broadcast on January 20, despite being a common practice that other presenters of the format have repeated before and after that date.

During this broadcast Save me, Padilla spoke of the special program of the chimes 2022 that she herself had presented on Telecinco. She also referred to the telematic meeting that she had held hours before the New Year’s Eve broadcast with other communicators in charge of the same work on other channels, Anne Igartiburu (RTVE) and María del Monte (Canal Sur). An excerpt from the conversation in which Padilla claimed that “vaccines were useless” went viral on social networks, causing strong controversy. Padilla explained on her show that this isolated part of the conversation was taken out of context and she defended the use of vaccines. But her intervention provoked a discussion with the rest of the collaborators of Save mewhich ended with his departure from the set.

The actress and presenter sued the company for unfair dismissal, although the trial has not taken place due to the agreement reached by both parties. Although the company’s statement does not give more details, the group’s long-term contracts usually specify the duration and the economic consideration of the same —Joaquín Prat and Jesús Vázquez have renewed theirs in recent weeks—, but not the projects in which that presenter or presenter is going to participate during that time. So it is not certain that Paz Padilla will return to Save me, program in which he has spent a long period between 2009 and 2022.

Padilla has been linked to Telecinco for more than two decades in different formats, from Martian Chronicles Y What do you say a gottalent and the series The one that is coming and It has also participated in formats of Cuatro, the second chain of Mediaset Spain.

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