Six healthy ice cream recipes that we have posted on Instagram and molds to make them
With a good mold and some support sticks it is possible to enjoy delicious popsicles and ice cream without leaving home.  GETTY IMAGES.
With a good mold and some support sticks it is possible to enjoy delicious popsicles and ice cream without leaving home. GETTY IMAGES.

Summer is the quintessential time for sorbets, popsicles and ice cream. Desserts that you want to eat to cool down and enjoy a snack when temperatures rise. Commercial options are not always the most suitable from a nutritional point of view or are not adapted to the needs of people with diabetes or intolerances. For this reason, a healthy and economical alternative is to prepare them at home, adapting the ingredients to the taste or circumstances of each one. To do this, it is enough to have some molds in which to pour the mixture and then solidify in the freezer.

A good place to get inspired is Instagram, where you can access a wide range of ice cream recipes for all tastes. In EL PAÍS Escaparate we have selected six proposals, through the hashtags #healthy ice cream and #homemade ice cream, and six types of molds, for sale on Amazon, to be able to materialize them at home this summer.

1. Gluten-Free Strawberry Pineapple Basil Popsicles

Four stackable molds for popsicles, Lékué

It is a proposal from the prestigious Lékué brand that has a very positive rating from Amazon customers, where it exceeds 7,000 reviews and reaches an average rating of 4.7 stars out of 5. They are molds made of high-quality silicone , which can be stacked to take up less space, and which include the necessary sticks to hold the ice creams. They also come with a lid to protect them from other odors when stored in the freezer.

2. Almond ice creams

Set of six molds with filling funnels

Creating your own popsicles or ice cream at home is very simple with these molds that include a folding funnel to comfortably see the mixture, as well as a cleaning brush. The six molds are made of a BPA-free plastic material and are dishwasher safe, so they can be reused as often as you like.

3. Watermelon popsicles

mini molds for the freezer

“Perfect for making chopped fruit popsicles. They unmold very well. They do not take plastic or silicone flavor. They are small, like the filling of the mini Magnum”. This is how an Amazon user who has rated them with the highest score describes his experience with these molds. They are made of LSR liquid silicone that offers better stability and thermal resistance than, for example, metal molds. The lot includes four cavities for the ice cream mix and 50 wooden slats.

4. Homemade apple and banana ice cream

Ice cream tub molds

This set of two units with a capacity of one liter is suitable for storing large quantities of ice cream or sorbet in the freezer. The containers are equipped with an airtight silicone lid, are very resistant to the passage of time, and have been made of high quality materials without toxic BPA. They can be cleaned with warm water or in the dishwasher.

5. Ice creams with seasonal fruits

package of eight ice cream molds

With an average rating of 4.6 stars out of 5, these molds are highly appreciated by Amazon users who have tried and reviewed them. They are compact and convenient to store, since they can be stacked one on top of the other, and they are made of silicone resistant to high temperatures. They are very easy to use and the set includes molds with eight cavities and 100 wooden sticks.

6. Forest fruit and chocolate ice cream

Mini silicone molds for children

Preparing healthy ice cream alternatives for children is possible with these fun mini-sized molds and bright colors. It is a product made of food grade silicone gel that resists both cold and heat very well. They also include soft, child-friendly handles and can be easily cleaned in the dishwasher.

*All purchase prices included in this article are current as of June 10, 2022.

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