The Andalusian election campaign 19J, live |  Juanma Moreno: "I do not understand that Vox wants to enter a government in which it does not believe"

Marín: “There has been no more loyal coalition government, nor with more dialogue”

By Virginia Martinez. The Ciudadanos candidate for the Board, Juan Marín, has boasted of an understanding with his government partner, Juan Manuel Moreno, in an interview on Cadena Cope, in which he reiterated his intention to reissue the government agreement one day after the elections of June 19, if with the sum of the PP and Cs the necessary majority is achieved. “There has been no more loyal coalition government, nor with more dialogue, anywhere in Spain, nor in Europe,” Marín stressed, who has ruled out any possibility of a pact with Vox beyond parliamentary support for the investiture, as it happened in 2018.

“I would only form a government with Juanma [Moreno]. The only one who has said, until now, what he is going to do with the vote of the Andalusians has been me”, he insisted. The vice president has pointed out, however, that, thanks to his entry into the Government, Ciudadanos has stopped the feet to the PP in its concessions to Vox. Cs turns its efforts to focus the shot towards the party headed by Macarena Olona and the “danger” that its arrival at the San Telmo Palace would entail. “I hope that [Andalucía] be a paradise for everyone who comes. We are a very supportive land, everyone fits here, wherever they come from, profess the religion they profess and have the sexual tendency they have”, he riveted.

Despite Marín’s enthusiasm in defending a new pact with the popular ones, the truth is that Moreno wants to govern alone and that, if they do not give him the numbers, Vox is emerging as his new partner according to the polls. The only option for a new Executive of the PP and Cs is a very loose majority of Moreno and the most optimistic result predicted by the polls for Cs. “The only poll that is worth it to me is the one on election day. I trust the Andalusians. I trust that they know how to differentiate the brand. There is not going to be any more decisive vote than the seats that Citizens can win. Any government in the that is not Citizens is going to be a government of trouble, we need people who know how to manage”, Marín has maintained.

Among the achievements of the Board that Marín has praised again, the vice president insists on the “decided” commitment to public-private collaboration, greater investment in new technologies and renewable energies or greater agility in bureaucratic procedures. After the interview, Marín travels to the fire that is active in Sierra Bermeja, in the province of Malaga, to closely follow the firefighting work.

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