The best electric tabletop barbecues for this summer
One of the models of electric grills that we have tested in this comparison.  CECOTEC
One of the models of electric grills that we have tested in this comparison. CECOTEC

During the summer season, the number of barbecues organized in the company of family or friends skyrockets. The usual thing, in this regard, is to think of a machine that is characterized by a large or medium size that uses wood or coal as a source of combustion.

However, they are not the only options available. There is a mode that, due to its characteristics, is ideal for use when traveling and even indoors because it does not give off large amounts of smoke as it incorporates a grease collection tray that must be filled with water. They are electric tabletop barbecues that, as their name suggests, work connected to the electricity socket. In addition, they are characterized by having a detachable design and applying infrared heating technology that cooks food.

What electric tabletop barbecues have we chosen?

The models that star in this comparison are the following: Cecotec PerfectSteak 4200 (8.25), Jata EBQ2 (8.75), Severin PG 8567 (7.5) and Ufesa BB7640 (7.25). When analyzing them, these are the aspects that have been valued:

  • Building: How is the quality of manufacture and the finishes offered by each one? As was the case in this other comparison that we made of electric portable barbecues, plastic and stainless steel predominate: the latter material is usually used for the resistance area, the tray that collects fat, and the surface where the food is placed.
  • Power: if the value they provide is enough for the food to be cooked properly.
  • Cleaning: As the design of all of them is detachable, this makes it easier to separate the electrical part from the non-electric part so that they can be cleaned easily. How is this cleaning? Is the accumulated dirt removed well?
  • Results: This criterion is linked to the experience of use. If the food is cooked well and to the ‘right point’, how are the textures left, do they stick to the cooking surface? Always bearing in mind that the results cannot be compared to models that use coal or firewood, or whose cost is higher and their features more advanced.

Comparison of the best electric tabletop barbecues: this is how we have tested them

A week has been dedicated to each of these four proposals to check their operation, whether or not they heat up quickly, and if they correctly distribute the heat they generate throughout their surface. In the tests, it has also been verified how the flavor and texture of the foods chosen for the different elaborations remain: chicken, veal, chorizo, sausages, brochettes, wild asparagus, mushrooms, courgette, prawns…

The winning model was the Jata EBQ2 electric tabletop barbecue. It offers the best build quality and non-stick surface. In addition, it is the one that cooks food best and dirt comes off easily. Another aspect in its favor is that the grill can adopt two different heights.

Jata EBQ2 electric tabletop barbecue: our choice

As its design is solid and resistant, it allows you to guarantee optimal durability: the body is made of aluminum and has a special coating, the tray is made of stainless steel and the grill has a silicone handle on one of its sides. The detail of having included it is appropriate because in this way it is possible to manipulate the grill more comfortably. Not only when cleaning it (its non-stick coating is very good) but also when placing it in any of the two positions or heights that it supports. One is designed to cook fish and the other meat, although it is also possible to use it with vegetables. They are easily identified thanks to the drawings included by the manufacturer.

Data sheet

  • Use: indoor and outdoor spaces
  • Power: 2,000 watts
  • Body: coated aluminum
  • Tray: stainless steel
  • Grill: with PFOA-free non-stick coating and silicone-protected handle
  • Cooking surface: 400 x 260 millimeters
  • PPositions: two (meat/fish)
  • Others: removable mains plug, power switch, safety pendulum

With a cooking surface of 400 x 260 mm, you can’t adjust the temperature like other portable barbecues. It only has an on/off switch that is located next to the cable that goes to the electrical outlet. Although there is no option to adapt the temperature, the absence of this option does not prevent it from offering one of the best user experiences. Its 2,000 watts of power perform very well, heat up quickly and food is cooked to perfection. The texture it achieves is one of the most pleasant.

  • The best: the food is tender and its texture is the best
  • Worst: It is the second least economical option and the cable that goes to the current is short
  • Conclusions: offers the best build quality, its 2,000 watts of power are very well used whether vegetables, meats and fish are cooked, and the possibility of choosing between two heights

Cecotec PerfectSteak 4200 electric tabletop barbecue: the alternative and the best value for money

If, in the case of the Jata EBQ2 portable barbecue, it is necessary to ensure that the safety pendulum has been placed correctly in its compartment in order to be used, Cecotec’s proposal incorporates -at a safety level- a microswitch that prevents the machine from turning on if it has not been fully assembled before.

It has been provided with an enameled casing and the grill is made of stainless steel. It also has a light indicator on and off, and a rotary adjustment to regulate the temperature, common features of these models. Where it stands out from the others is that the grill can be adjusted to three different heights, so it is possible to choose the one that best suits the different foods that we prepare at any time. In addition, it throws the highest power: 2,400 watts. This value gives it greater speed when preparing food, although in the case of meat, sometimes the feeling is that those 2,400 watts could give ‘more of themselves’. Even so, it is a model that fulfills its function, enhances the flavors and the textures are tasty.

Electric tabletop barbecue Severin PG 8567

Weighing 3.5kg, it has a height of 155mm and a width of 520mm. It incorporates a cable almost a meter and a half long and the cooking surface is a ribbed grill plate that is surrounded by a wind protection screen, a detail that the rest do not offer. In the water tray it is possible to add a maximum of 1.1 litres. Meanwhile, and as usual in this class of models, the heating element is located in the lower part -specifically in the connection box- next to the temperature regulator: it is a rotary control (the minimum and maximum are set by default) that lights up red when you turn on the barbecue.

Its 2,000 watts of power allow it to heat up relatively quickly (in about 12-13 minutes) and the distribution of the generated heat spreads quite well, reaching practically all points of the cooking surface. Although certain foods stick a bit (this is the case of the chicken burger meat and the chorizo), the results are generally good: it is easy to get the ‘point’ of preparation and the textures are pleasant. To better remove the accumulated fat, it is preferable to leave the tray soaking in soapy water for a while so that it comes off more easily.

Electric tabletop barbecue Ufesa BB7640

Although from the point of view of the materials chosen for its manufacture, some details could be improved, other aspects received a positive assessment. For example, the legs on which the entire structure rests provide good adherence to the surface where it is placed. It also highlights the incorporation of a rotary adjustable thermostat -very comfortable to handle- that includes five temperature levels and to which it is possible to get used quickly.

Its power (2,300 watts) is among the highest in the comparison. It is a point to highlight in its favor, especially since it is possible to prepare the elaborations much earlier. This is noticeable both in the case of vegetables and meat. Of course, its cooking surface (380 x 240 mm) is more limited than other portable barbecues: hence, it is not possible to put large quantities on the grill plate. On the other hand, it is necessary to watch carefully that the tray where the water is poured (it has a capacity of 1.5 litres) is always full because it evaporates very quickly. Otherwise the food will burn.

Although the non-electric parts are dishwasher safe, they were washed by hand to compare results. Dirt is cleaned well. At a safety level, if the Severin PG 8567 barbecue has a system in the casing area so as not to burn yourself if you touch this surface, the Ufesa BB7640 offers a microswitch so that the machine turns off automatically when you remove the grill.

*All purchase prices included in this article are current as of June 11, 2022.

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