Trump charges his daughter Ivanka for her statement before the commission investigating the assault on Capitol Hill
Capture of the video of Ivanka Trump's statement, issued this Thursday at the extraordinary session of the House of Representatives commission investigating the attack on Capitol Hill.
Capture of the video of Ivanka Trump’s statement, issued this Thursday at the extraordinary session of the House of Representatives commission investigating the attack on Capitol Hill.AP

Donald Trump has reacted this Friday to the revelations of the first session in prime time of the commission that investigates the attack on the Capitol on January 6. True to his style, he has done it on a social network, in this case, Truth, the one that was built to suit him when he was kicked off Twitter. And he has not spared any bullets, not even against his own daughter Ivanka, who is also his favorite.

Ivanka could be seen Thursday night in the elegant Congress hall where the hearings are taking place, in a video excerpt from the eight-hour interview she had with the commission in April. In it, she said that she respected the judgment of then-US Attorney General William H. Barr, so she accepted “what she said.” This, as could be seen in another recording, repeatedly warned the former president that he considered “bullshit” the theory that the tycoon clung to after the defeat in the November elections that they were stolen from him.

“Ivanka Trump was not involved in observing or studying the election results. She was long gone and in my opinion she was just trying to be respectful to Bill Barr and his position as Attorney General,” Trump posted on the social network she helped found. The message ended with a typically Trumpist literary twist. “[Barr] sucked!”

Trump’s outrage at the hearing didn’t stop at the broadsides against his daughter or Barr. In a series of messages, the former president also rejected the statement of the vice president of the commission, the Republican of Wyoming Liz Cheney, who revealed that that day in which the transfer of powers was scheduled to be done peacefully and ended with a harangue mob by the former president during a rally invading the Capitol to the cry of “Hang Mike Pence”, Trump agreed with that violent idea in conversations with his aides.

“I NEVER said, or thought to say, ‘Let’s hang Mike Pence.’ It is a story made up by someone looking to become a star or FAKE NEWS!” Trump wrote about Cheney, one of his black beasts, in one of the messages.

The commission has prepared a monographic session (of the six planned) to deal with the way in which the former president pressured Pence to do something that is not clear that it was in his power: use his powers as vice president to not confirm electoral votes that gave victory to Trump’s opponent, Joe Biden. On Thursday it was also said that some of the tycoon’s collaborators considered invoking the Twenty-Fifth Amendment in those months prior to January 6, which provides for passing power from the president to the vice president in cases counted as death., resigns or terminates his position due to inability to perform his duties as a tenant of the White House.

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