All the lives of Philip Roth, the overwhelming canticle of Laura Restrepo and other books of the week

just hit the bookstores Philip Roth. The biography. When Roth commissioned this authorized biography of Blake Bailey, he told him: “I don’t want you to rehabilitate me. Just make it interesting”, and Bailey, without the slightest hagiographical intent, but with undoubted detective intent, has turned Roth into the protagonist of a genuine naturalist novel. Exhaustive and addictive, as it is from God. With Roth, Emanuele Trevi shares the tendency to confuse the imaginary and the real, which intermingle in his writing. Their Two lifes it is a good example that in the fiction-non-fiction dichotomy what counts is the writing itself, dispensing with what does not help the reader to see and feel the character.

Song of old lovers, Laura Restrepo’s new is an overwhelming novel, the supreme song of the carnal and mystical union of lovers where all sorts of mythical, literary and historical materials come together with enormous emotional intensity. In a foreign sonEduardo Berti returns to investigate the past of his father, an expatriate of Romanian origin who flees Europe between the wars to reach Argentina.

in his poems ghost planets, Rosa Berbel revalidates the conquests of her debut film and invites us to clean up the broken dishes after the celebration. 50 States: 13 Contemporary American Poetsbrings together a selection of poems translated by Ezequiel Zaidenwerg and Spain and Argentina in the First World War, by Maximiliano Fuentes Codera, reflects on the concept of neutrality within the context of war. In addition, several books look back at the fable: short and humorous texts often starring animals that, in this 21st century, have shed their moralizing character.

book cover 'Philip Roth.  The Biography', BLAKE BAILEY.  EDITORIAL DISCUSSION

The biography that Blake Bailey has created turns the American author into the protagonist of a naturalistic novel while honoring his enormous figure. Review by Javier Aparicio Maydeu.


Emanuele Trevi makes a semblance, halfway between reality and fiction, of two deceased writers, his friends Pia Pera and Rocco Carbone. Review of José Luis de Juan.


Laura Restrepo confronts in this overwhelming novel the story of the mythical monarch with the reality of the exiles and the health personnel of the refugee camps in Yemen. Review by Domingo Ródenas de Moya.

book cover 'A foreign son', EDUARDO BETI.  IMPEDIMENT EDITORIAL

After publishing ‘A foreign father’ in 2016, the Argentine writer returns to investigate the past of his father in Romania in a search that never ends. Review by Jordi Amat.

book cover 'The ghost planets', ROSA BERBEL.  EDITORIAL TUSQUETS

Rosa Berbel’s poetry identifies the lack of expectations with the end of early youth, or the gaze towards a nature in danger of extinction. Criticism of Luis Bagué Quílez.

book cover '50 states: 13 contemporary poets from the United States', EZEQUIEL ZAIDENWERG.  EDITORIAL FULGENCIO PIMENTEL

Ezequiel Zaidenwerg creates a fictional poetic anthology based on interviews and verses by 13 different authors from the United States that never existed. Criticism of Patricio Pron.

book cover 'Spain and Argentina in the First World War', MAXIMILIANO FUENTES CODERA.  EDITORIAL MARCIAL PONS

Maximiliano Fuentes focuses an essay on the three central concepts around which Argentine and Spanish societies were divided: neutrality, peace, nation. Review by Jordi Canal.

book cover 'The book of fables and other fables', DANIEL SAMOILOVICH AND EDUARDO STUPIA.  PRE-TEXTS EDITORIAL

Real and mythical animals provide verve to this literary artifact that looks like a precision mechanical toy, brimming with references to the Greco-Latin universe and literary nods. Criticism of Mercedes Cebrian.

book cover 'Zoografías.  Animal literature', MARIANO GARCÍA.  ADRIANA HIDALGO EDITOR

From the introduction, this anthology reminds us that, in literature, the animal has been helping humans to reflect on themselves for centuries. Criticism of Mercedes Cebrian.

book cover 'On the death of a dog', JEAN GRENIER.  PERIPHERAL PUBLISHER

It is a breviary of intuitions about canine subjectivity and thoughts about our relationship with domesticated beasts. Criticism of Mercedes Cebrian.

book cover 'Bestiary of the Anthropocene', NICOLAS NOVA & DISNOVATION.ORG.  DIMINISHING EDITIONS

Hybridization is rampant at this time of ours, and the authors of this peculiar volume illustrated with the aesthetics of a field manual attest to it. Criticism of Mercedes Cebrian.

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