How are Vox voters in Andalusia facing 19J?  Data by age, sex, income and ideology

Vox has been especially strong in Andalusia. It began its growth there, in the regional elections of 2018, and a year later it achieved 20% of the votes in the region in the general elections. Now they will not reach that high, according to the polls, but four years have passed and the formation has been consolidated. Below we describe his electorate with the data from the 40dB poll.

Vox is the most transversal party by age. Get more or less the same support among people in their 20s, 40s or 60s. That is something that differentiates it from the rest of the forces. The PSOE and the PP are aging parties, and the formations further to the left —Adelante Andalucía (AA) and Por Andalucía (xA)— have younger voters.

Vox is also transversal by socioeconomic level. They intend to vote for him 10% of people from the lower, middle and upper classes. This is a pattern that has been seen in other communities, for example, in the elections in Castilla y León this year. Its profile contrasts with that of the Popular Party, its rival on the right, which is true that it wins in all social groups, but which has some growing support: it rises from 20% of the vote among the lowest incomes and 35% among the higher.

Vox is the most masculinized party. The percentage of Andalusians who declare their intention to vote for the far-right formation is almost double among men (13%) than among women (7%). In general, there are more men with a decided and expressed vote, but none of the big parties comes close to the bias that Vox has.

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Vox voters are on the right. It is not a novelty. According to the 40dB. data, only 5% place themselves on the left (from 0 to 4 on a scale of 0 to 10). On average they are located at 7, while PP voters do so at 6. Furthermore, although only 6.5% of Andalusians are located on the far right —at 9 or 10— 50% of they say they will vote for Vox.

Another sign is the flows from Ciudadanos. The center-right party will lose the bulk of its voters, but most of its leaks say that they will now vote for the PP and only 7% will vote for Vox.

His voters are the most centralist and those who are most concerned about immigration. They prefer a monolithic State: on an axis of 0-10 between decentralization and centralization, they are located at 7.3, somewhat further than those of the PP (6.6) and considerably more than those of the PSOE (4.7).

In addition, when Andalusians are asked how important immigration seems to them, Vox voters stand apart from the rest and up to 61% say they care a lot. By comparison, only 33% of PP and 21% PSOE voters say the same. In the rest of the issues they are more aligned with the PP, and contrast with those of the PSOE, and especially with those of Por Andalucía or Adelante Andalucía: they care about the economy and corruption more than inequality, poverty or climate change.

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