Tenerife anesthetizes Girona in the first leg of promotion to the First Division
Enric Gallego tries to finish off the Girona defense.
Enric Gallego tries to finish off the Girona defense.David Borrat (EFE)

Wrapped in a sea of ​​red flares and chants of encouragement, the Girona players’ bus reached Montilivi with a shot of adrenaline and motivation, heartfelt communion with the fans that seemed to herald the best of nights. But in front was Tenerife, pure chloroform, a team that plays in its field and throws the bolt to look for a sporadic counterattack. Situation that did not happen, nor did the hubbub of Girona, which did not go from the tables to zero to leave the outcome in suspense, because next Sunday they will be measured again at the Heliodoro to find out which team is First.



Juan Carlos, Santi Bueno, Juanpe (Jairo Izquierdo, min. 78), Bernardo, Aleix García (Ricard Artero, min. 96), Pol Lozano, Iván Martín, Valery Fernández (Oscar Ureña, min. 96), Arnau Martinez, Stuani (Nahuel Bustos, min. 79) and Álex Baena (Samuel Sáiz, min. 78)



Juan Soriano, Jeremy Mellot, Sergio González, Shaq Moore, León, Aitor Sanz, Víctor Mollejo (Pomares, min. 79), Álex Bermejo (Andrés Martín, min. 79), Álex Corredera (Carlos Ruiz, min. 79), Enric Gallego and Mario González (Elady, min. 60)


Referee Francisco Jose Hernandez Maeso

Yellow cards Pol Lozano (min. 24), Elady (min. 67), Álex Baena (min. 74) and Andrés Martín (min. 90)

It was a duel of styles, a challenge in which Girona tried to amass the ball while Tenerife was content to try to take it to the rival area with a long movement that sought Enric Gallego’s chest. A somewhat simple and primitive football in the offensive that, however, was very neat in defense because there was not a single player who did the longus to run backwards, effort and solidarity by flag. Enough to anesthetize Girona’s associative attack. And that Pol Lozano built with success, diligent in delivery; and that Iván Martín and Aleix García put the break and driving; and that Arnau Martínez, a long side, took centers – all orphans of auctioneer – without stopping. But there was no way to connect with Stuani, who was fighting for his plot in the rival area, the team lacking in ingenuity to filter the last pass, to test Soriano. This was confirmed in the first half, with a single meek and centered shot from Iván Martín, with a high header from Juanpe and, finally, with a cross shot from Baena that the goalkeeper ended up spitting on. Much more, in any case, than what Tenerife achieved, which did not try Juan Carlos even remotely in the entire match, coach Ramis enraged because his players burned the ball, unable to make three passes in a row.

Without touch to chip off the motley rival defense, Girona persisted with a new route, with the explosive starts of Baena. In one of them, Sergio González stole the ball from him when he could stand before the goalkeeper; and in another, finished with a cross, León narrowly missed an own goal. But there was no way. So the wheel of changes arrived, new strikers in Girona to find the spice that was missing; new midfielders and defenders in Tenerife to refresh the legs.

Nothing that changed the script of the match or the history of this tie —perhaps a foul by Aleix García that Soriano stopped in time—, scheduled for Tenerife next week and with everything to be resolved.

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