The 15 pop and rock albums you have to listen to today (June 2022)

We are in the high season of record releases. Of the many that are published these days, we have selected 15 (there would be 16 because Manolo García edits two) that we find highly recommendable, always betting on variety: there is hard rock, folk, reggaeton, indie rock either hip hop. Y Rock And Roll classic, the most classic of all: the recovery of a historic concert by the Rolling Stones from 1977 and for only 300 people.

– Florence + The Machine, ‘Dance Fever’

Who are they? The band of the Londoner Florence Welch, 35 years old, already facing their fifth album.

It’s so good Dance Fever? One of the qualities of the Florence + The Machine albums is that they maintain a high artistic tone without sacrificing accessibility. It’s pop, tinged with folk in a more rural than musical concept, for any ear. Basically because Welch’s voice is captivating and because they are songs that seek beauty and not gratuitous rarity, as some musicians of her generation work.

All the culture that goes with you awaits you here.


-Arcade Fire, ‘We’

Who are they? That Canadian group that dazzled us with Funeral in 2004 and which has established itself as one of the great referents of the indie rock, although they have never surpassed their debut. He is still commanded by the couple (with a nine-year-old son) formed by Win Butler and Régina Chassagne.

It’s so good We? Arcade Fire have ended up making pastiche their formula to create. We believe it and we like it. We it turns out to be an exciting album despite sucking the blood of Depeche Mode, Talking Heads, Radiohead or John Lennon. Or maybe because of that. Of course, what the Canadians achieve has much merit.

– Kendrick Lamar, ‘Mr. Morale & The Big Steppers’

Who? The king of hip hop today. Kendrick Lamar was born in California 34 years ago and this is his first album in five years.

It’s so good Mr Morale & The Big Steppers? It is as good as it is complex. An hour and 20 minutes, 19 songs and collaborations by Beth Gibbons (Portishead), Summer Walker, Sampha, Baby Keem… It helps a lot to appreciate this album knowing how to interpret the lyrics, where Lamar analyzes paternity (he has two children), the culture of cancellation, morality in modern times or toxic couple relationships in the brutal We Cry Together, which he shares with actress Taylour Paige (Zola) and who surely holds the record for the most fuck in a song. Musically, variety is the norm: hip hop prevails, but touches of jazz, soul and even heavy. An album to take it easy and listen to it over several days. Only then can you enjoy it.

– Manolo García, ‘My life on Mars’ and ‘Plucked nonsense’

Who? Within the classification of respectability in Spanish pop-rock, this gentleman must be in the top positions.

are the good my life on mars Y Plucked nonsense? It is not a double disc: they are two discs, as the author wants to specify. my life on mars It is a notable sample of powerful and guitar pop, with outstanding themes such as Angelina, I will know how to love you either A little bit of love. Y plucked blunders is possibly the most flamenco thing that García has recorded: pinched voice, Spanish guitar, cajons, clapping… Two good works with special attention to some lyrics that move between passions (“poor me, I don’t recognize myself in my mistakes, more Did you know that you are leaving heartbreaks behind like mud from your shoes? dream maze) and the surreal (“I will look for solitudes of stylized crystals and evanescences of my pugnacious spirit”, Draw on my skin).

– Halestorm, ‘Back From the Dead’

Who are they? A band from Pennsylvania with more than 20 years of experience. His boss is the sensational vocalist and guitarist Lzzy Hale.

It’s so good Back From the Dead? Great hard rock work and the demonstration that the genre currently has a journey beyond the classics that are still active. Since the disc is opened with that howitzer that is Back From The Dead to the piano ballad that closes it, Raise Your Horns: a handful of hard tracks with Hale’s volcanic voice taking us wherever he wants.

– Belle and Sebastian, ‘A Bit of Previous’

Who are they? When you think about the concept indie as a musical style, there appears Belle and Sebastian; when one looks for a group that hasn’t recorded a bad album, the Scots come up again.

It’s so good A Bit of Previous? Every four years or so a new work from Belle and Sebastian arrives. Sometimes it is introspective, other times it is pastoral and very regularly they opt for optimistic pop. This one has it all. It opens with a gem that will make fans of The Smiths happy, Young and Stupidand it goes on with its different atmospheres until completing another great album by the Scots.

– The Black Keys, ‘Dropout Boogie’

Who are they? The duo from Ohio determined that the old blues-rock makes sense in the era of auto tune. Praise mission.

It’s so good Dropout Boogie? Is it better to listen to a Canned Heat record than this Dropout Boogie? Of course. But everything is compatible. What The Black Keys achieve is to sound current billing music from fifty years ago. They are helped in this work by the galactic guitar of Billy Gibbons, from ZZ Top.

– Bad Bunny, ‘A summer without you’

Who? The Latin artist (from Puerto Rico) who has made Spanish unseat English as the most listened to musical language in the world.

It’s so good A summer without you? It’s long, a lot: 23 songs, 1 hour and 20 minutes. A pity, because this album with 12-13 songs would have been fantastic. Still, it’s worth it. Bad Bunny has a powerful, unmistakable, attractive soniquete. a summer without you It lacks the risk and in packaging of its top album, YHLQMDLG, but there is also experimentation: with merengue, house wave bossa. Enjoyable despite the excess of songs.

– Edgar Winter, ‘Brother Johnny’

Who? Johnny Winter, who died in 2014 at the age of 70, was one of the best guitarists in blues of history A great singer too, his specialty was live records. One of them is the fiery together (1976), full of soul and rhythm & blues versions, which he shared with his brother Edgar, keyboardist and saxophonist, with a much more discreet career. Now, Edgar, surrounded by friends, pays homage to his brother.

It’s so good Brother Johnny? On this disc is the latest recording by Foo Fighters drummer Taylor Hawkins, who sings Guess I’ll Go Away. By Brother Johnny Guitar titans pass by: Joe Bonamassa, Keb’ Mo’, Billy Gibbons (ZZ Top), Robben Ford or Warren Haynes. Good old Ringo Starr also joins the party. They all perform songs composed (or that he liked) by Johnny Winter to complete a good work of blues-rock and soul.

– Rocío Márquez and Bronquio, ‘Third Heaven’

Who are they? She, a singer from Huelva; he, Santiago Gonzalo, from Jerez, whose stage name is Bronquio, manipulator of sounds, either to make techno, trap or punk.

It’s so good Third heaven? If what Rosalía has done in mommy Let him listen to this transgressive, unclassifiable, uncomfortable and beautiful bombshell. The flamenco sticks squeezed, deformed, beaten by electronic rhythms. Márquez’s voice treated until leaving the auto tune for children to play in the schoolyard. An album that Enrique Morente would be passionate about, and with high-voltage lyrical content: the search for freedom in times of capitalist metastasis. Superb.

– Boni, ‘Nothing else’

Who? Few musicians as charismatic as Francisco Javier Hernández Larrea, Boni, voice and guitar of Barricada, who passed away in January 2021 at the age of 58.

It’s so good Nothing more? A handful of musicians get together to perform Boni’s favorite songs. Even Rosendo Mercado has come out of retirement to make a beautiful version of there is no truce vocals, acoustic guitar and some subtle strings. Rulo and Fito face an emotional There is still a site; Izal modernize Tonight is not to walk those streets; Left-handed gamblers hit with Eclipse… His companions from Barricada, Alfredo Piedrafita and El Drogas appear, although separately. 27 songs that close with Nothing more, a beautiful instrumental piece by Boni himself. Great tribute.

– Angel Olsen, ‘Big Time’

Who? Singer from Missouri who reaches his sixth album after a year of convulsions in his life after losing his parents.

It’s so good bigtime? you listen Chasing the Sun, the song that closes the album, and you feel chills. You need a blanket to protect you. It’s not going to be Angel Olsen’s album of the summer. The American singer offers a collection of delicate, fragile songs, some with country touches, others folk, and sometimes she opts for an orchestration that goes well with her elegant and brittle voice. A night disc, peaceful and emotional.

– Ruben Pozo, ‘Vampire’

Who? 50% of Pereza, that band that placed rock and roll on formula radio in the 2000s.

It’s so good Vampire? Moving in a much smaller circuit than his partner Leiva, Rubén Pozo has already added his fourth solo album, a restful journey of disbelieving and in some cases sour lyrics and music that is almost always peaceful (except for the Crazy Horse-style electric explosion of You are not my problem anymore). Musicians like Jackson Browne or Al Stewart, and even Josele Santiago, come to mind when listening to a record of good music and lyrics with chicha.

– Fantastic Negrito, ‘White Jesus Black Problems’

Who? The American Xavier Amin, brute force of black music. Soul, Blues, Funky… He dominates all Afro-American styles and confronts them from the personality.

It’s so good White Jesus Black Problems? This album comes about when Fantastic Negrito delved into his past and found out that he has white blood, since an ancestor, an Irish woman, had a relationship with a black slave back in the 18th century. With this theme he produces a powerful and varied album that contains the mentioned genres in addition to gospel or psychedelia. It’s as if Prince, instead of living in his mansion, had rented an apartment above the darkest joint in town.

– The Rolling Stones, ‘Live At The El Mocambo’

Who are they? Things weren’t going well for the Rolling Stones in 1977. Keith Richards was awaiting a trial in Canada for drug possession that threatened to end the band, and brazen punk was coming precisely to end up like old rockers like them. In these, they look for a name (The Cockroaches) and get into a 300-person club, El Mocambo (in Toronto), to escape the pressure and play for a while.

It’s so good Live At The El Mocambo? The result is glorious. Actually, and just as we have just seen them at the Metropolitano before 45,000 people, this is how we would like to enjoy the Stones: in a club, doing rock and rock for a few hundred. This is how they were born 60 years ago. The repertoire is overwhelming: versions of his idols Chuck Berry (Around and Around) or Muddy Waters (Mannish Boy), themes that they would later frequent very little (such as the beautiful ballad Fool To Cry) or the premiere of a song that years later would be included in Tattoo You (Worried About You). 23 songs, almost two hours in the glory.

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