The 'horribilis' days of the Government

It could be considered bad luck that, on the same day that Brussels authorizes the Iberian exception that will reduce the electricity bill, a neighboring country with which you had an excellent record ruins the good news for you by suspending a friendship agreement and cutting trade relations as if you were Vladimir Putin. But it’s not bad luck. It is the ineffectiveness of the Government in a sum of errors that has generated the worst crisis with our main gas supplier in very delicate energy times.

Changing the historical policy towards the Sahara, and doing it through the perpetual blackmail of Morocco on the southern border, would always have had consequences. But these are greater when the decision is made alone, without sharing concerns, meetings and debate with the opposition and without measuring the potential shock wave in a country as involved and strategic for Spain as Algeria is.

The enemy of my enemy is my friend, says warrior wisdom, and the friend of my enemy becomes the enemy. That is why, faced with two conflicting partners such as Algeria and Morocco, one must strive hard to maintain a balance that benefits you and that may even be of benefit at times for both of them.

Beyond last night’s rectification, the Algerian bomb also explodes at too complicated times, when inflation persists at 8.7%, when the rise in fuels is already devouring the bonus approved by the Government to counteract it and the polls show that the PP can confirm in Andalusia the atmosphere of change of cycle that has been installed on the national scene.

There are many things that the Government of the PSOE and United We Can achieve, from the recovery funds to the Minimum Vital Income or the increase in the minimum wage, but all of them will be neutralized if buying fruit and bread becomes a nightmare, if wages continue in precariousness while their bills or pensions grow, they run the risk of giving another blow to the national accounts or being reduced.

The crisis with Algeria, inflation and a foreseeable defeat of the left on 19-J in Andalusia are marking these days horrible of the government. It will depend on its ability to repair what happened and save the purchasing power of citizens that it does not become Annus horribilis (paraphrasing the Queen of England the year Princess Diana revealed the truth of her marriage and Windsor Castle burned down) or even in a terminal year.

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