Hero of the humiliated men

“She is crying out for total humiliation… And she is going to get it!” This is how the actor Johnny Depp expressed himself in 2016. Of course, he should be congratulated: the idolized actor has achieved it. The question is how, when less than two years ago a British Supreme Court judge agreed with the newspaper The Sun, who had been sued by Depp when he was accused in his pages of wife beating. Several factors converge in such opposite sentences: it is not the same to be judged by a judge than by a jury; a trial that becomes a spectacle is not the same as another in which some of the statements are not made public; it is not possible in this rare present that the members of the jury remain oblivious to the public opinion if they are allowed to keep their mobile device; a trial in Virginia is not the same as one in California; This trial would not have provoked the same backlash against Amber Heard and favorable to Depp if it had taken place in the early days of the Me Too movement.

Since I am not prone to mythomania caused by Depp (although I like him as an actor) I have lived from afar the convulsive relationship of this couple, but now I respond to the consequences of this legal fight, of this “particularly ugly” trial, as well it has been defined by the newspaper Guardian, the rupture of a dam of infected waters that has ended up affecting us and calling us to take sides. Taking sides, in this sordid case, does not mean defending the one you admire the most, but rather the one who has suffered brutal media harassment, a symptom without a doubt of a violent response against what MeToo means. Heard has become the scapegoat, the woman who represents all those women who for a time silenced powerful men. Those who have analyzed the sentence, and in Spain, of course, the usual analysts have emerged, see in this ruling a punishment for those women who abused a “noble” movement (so they call it to justify their aversion) and wanted to obtain with bad arts the safe-conduct of victims, but what has to be analyzed is how the law firm that advised Depp, led by the now acclaimed Camile Vasquez, used the force of obscure opinion manipulators to spread an image of discredit of the defendant: mediocre actress, careerist, fortune hunter, manipulator and liar, all this expressed through the famous memes and tiktoks that, as has already been studied, use mockery to modify political trends. Amber Heard has been subjected to public ridicule, but in the memory of sensible people who have read about the trial in reliable American media, there will remain the image of the man who before his wedding had defined his fiancée as a worthless whore, who On the same day of the wedding, he commented to a friend that after the blessing he could already slap her or that he joked with a colleague about fucking her burned body. You know, the typical joke that any man expresses about his wife.

Heard has become the scapegoat, the woman who represents all those women who for a time silenced powerful men.

There are some and they cannot avoid it, even if they hide it, that they see in this sentence a kind of biblical punishment. They will not recognize how public opinion has been manipulated into verbally stoning a woman. They say they are with the real victims, and they have it easy because this woman is beautiful, blonde, rich, white. There is no angle of oppression that you can take advantage of. In such a way, that they consider the harassment that she has suffered to be good and deserved. The celebrities who have defended the actor define him as a good person, incapable of harm, without considering that in a matter of mistreatment there are those who choose their victim carefully. Of 14 of the attacks referred to in the British trial, 12 were considered true. Columnist Moira Donegan called the trial an orgy of misogyny; a victory, I add, for those who consider that in recent years the feminist movement has cornered the poor men.

I suspect that neither Heard nor Depp will benefit from this show no matter how much talk of restored reputations. Heard is sunk, Depp has become that kind of hero of humiliated men, led by the American extreme right. Bad thing. But this is just a preview of what is coming our way.

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