Pablo Laso, an example of passion and demand
Pablo Laso during a Real Madrid game this season.
Pablo Laso during a Real Madrid game this season.Angel Martinez (Euroleague Basketball via Getty)

Professional sport is subject to very intense emotions. The motivation to compete makes it difficult to sleep, the doubts on the road appear strongly, and the adrenaline rushes through your body in a wild way, in a way that is difficult to imagine outside of the competition. The athlete lives a carousel of sensations throughout his career, and this internal management is as important as any game tactic.

Above the athlete there is a person, a human plane that orchestrates all that path. A life that wants to be lived, dreams that want to be fulfilled and a desire to enjoy all the experiences that sport gives us. Although sometimes it may seem the opposite, although the seriousness of the competition can distance us from that person, the athlete does not stop being a citizen in his job.

Just a few days ago we found the news of Pablo Laso. The Real Madrid coach, one of the best basketball coaches in the world, gave us a very big scare when he suffered a myocardial infarction. The sport poured out wishing him a speedy recovery, demonstrating the enormous affection that he has earned over the years thanks to his successes, his way of being and the naturalness with which he has raised a way of doing the work of the.

With tremendous humanity, Pablo has taken on one of the most complicated assignments in the world of sport: managing Real Madrid’s demands. A club where history is always on the heels of its squad, where the long term is equivalent to the short term of any other entity. With more than a decade at the helm of the Whites’ bench, Laso is already the manager with the most games at Real Madrid. He is the man who has been in the most complicated job of all the longest.

His way of managing matches has already made him an icon of our sport. Far from taking a step back, Pablo has always been an example of intensity, of tolerating pressure through his passion for the sport. His harangues on the bench are mythical, with a character that has helped forge some of the great recent successes in the club’s history, bringing out the best in the very different human groups that have passed through the squad.

Directing an individual athlete is very different than managing a locker room where its pieces change over time, where the importance of its gears varies and where the figure of the coach as manager goes far beyond the playing field. It is a permanent task in which only those who are passionate about the human shine.

I don’t remember Pablo Laso not succeeding, winning titles season after season, even at times when the logic of basketball did not point to Real Madrid as the most reliable asset. This season, one of the most complicated for the entity, they were also able to recover, reach the Final Four of the Euroleague and stay just one point away from a new European title. It has been that perseverance and resilience that Laso and his technical staff have imprinted that allows the club to always opt for the maximum, an imperial virtue when you can’t fight for everything.

The demand that they themselves submit, added to the expectation of the media and the illusions of the fans, makes up a difficult cocktail to handle. The desire for victory, the desire for everything to go well at all times can make the body say enough is enough. The most important thing has been knowing that Pablo is recovered, that everything has been left in a scare and that this point in the road has not broken hope: to return, enjoy and make people enjoy with that basketball that he has always loved.

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