Spain liquidates the Czech Republic and wins the holidays
Sarabia scores the second goal for Spain against the Czech Republic.
Sarabia scores the second goal for Spain against the Czech Republic.Daniel Perez (EFE)

Double fortune for Spain: he left Malaga as leader of his group in the League of Nations and went on vacation. In La Roja, everyone is happy after a victory against the Czech Republic that leaves the final phase within reach for Luis Enrique’s men. Portugal had a setback in Switzerland (1-0) and it is foreseeable that, with two games to go, the Spanish and Portuguese will play it in September in CR territory. A draw can be enough for Spain. Meanwhile, from this approach to the tournament, La Roja leaves with a pass, compliant against the Swiss and the Czechs in the last two days. As in Geneva, in La Rosaleda he did not leave a match oscarized, only decisive. First Unai stopped and then Soler and Sarabia hit the target. The best with the good sections of Asensio and Gavi.



Unai Simón, Marcos Alonso (Alba, min. 77), Dani Carvajal, Eric Garcia, Íñigo Martínez, Koke (Busquets, min. 78), Carlos Soler (Gavi, min. 58), Rodrigo, Dani Olmo, Marco Asensio (Sarabia , min. 71) and Morata (Ferrán Torres, min. 58)


Czech Republic

Ales Mandous, Václav Jemelka, David Zima, Brabec, Michal Sadilek (Alex Kral, min. 29), Jaroslav Zeleny (Lukás Kalvach, min. 78), Tomas Soucek, Coufal, Jan Kuchta, Pesek (Tecl, min. 78) and Vaclav Cerny (Adam Hlozek, min. 58)

goals 1-0 min. 23: Carlos Soler. 2-0 min. 74: Sarabia.

Yellow cards Dani Carvajal (min. 77)

Soler is not a footballer with a lot of roll with the game. Theirs is destiny: the rival area. He is one of those midfielders who do not feel like strangers in the most heavily mined area. The goal synthesized Soler, sealed one of those eventual outbreaks of Asensio, and Koke, finally, had a revelation.

The people of Malaga, who lately have not had enough football, were already begging for a little step forward. Yes, it is possible, understood the Spanish captain, who connected with Asensio. The madridista was activated in this field that confuses the defenses of five, between central and lateral, who do not always reconcile. The Spaniard sedated the ball, turned around and welcomed Soler. The Valencianist came like a shot and relieved the Red, heavy and without a government until then.

Before the Soler vein, Spain was blocked by the Czech chest do. Jaroslav Silhavy’s group had more nerve, another march. La Roja hung from Unai Simón, essential in a bloody shot from Cerny after a leak from Marcos Alonso that the Basque resolved with his left mitten. Instantly, a fencer duel with Kuchta, disappointed by Unai’s intervention with his feet. There is no game without surprises for Luis Enrique’s men, who have a hard time synchronizing defensively if the brotherhood is not extreme. Open doors are common in front of Unai, who does not win for scares, including those that he himself provokes with more than one doodle with his feet. It is what they order him, despite the fact that, like most goalkeepers, the ball chatters in his boots.

With the trench on alert, Spain was not satisfied with the vacuous formalism of Koke or Rodri, for example, when they draw one superficial pass after another. From yawn to yawn, Olmo and Morata didn’t connect. But the elixir of the goal is magical. He is not always a child of the game, as in La Rosaleda, but he is almost always curative. For a while, at least. It happened this time. A trifle after the 1-0, Asensio, prosperous at times, made the recreational play of the night. He lacks the stubbornness to be more persevering, but he knows how few flatter the ball. After a couple of exquisite tacos, he outlined another service for Soler, who this time missed the opportunity. The best period in Spain with the best Asensio, who also claimed with reason an outrage that seemed like a penalty.

The Czech Republic is not a selection that dazzles. It is a low team that forces the average fan to google to have references from any of your players. But both in Prague and in Malaga, his solid air was a nuisance for the Red, poorly tuned. A long-suffering team, eager without the ball, but they lack a hook in the areas. It is his constant, in the good and in the not so good days.

Without a deck, there are games, whoever the opponent is, that get tangled up. They were not accentuated on the Costa del Sol because the rival was not a giant and because the two leading internationals of this journey finally spun: Gavi and Sarabia, recruited in the second act. The Barça cadet, laces in the wind, with that disheveled appearance that characterizes him, aired a couple of opponents and connected with his comrade Ferran. The winger, distressed by his scoring drought, his best asset, shot crookedly, but Sarabia, who has instinct, was present to make it 2-0. Task settled for Spain, which without streamers in the four games will spend the summer as group leader. On the return, in September, Qatar will be in sight and Spain, like so many of its rivals, requires adjustments. Nothing can be guessed. France, which is gawking at its payroll, is going from pain to pain. Spain will feel good about the summer recess.

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