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I don’t know if the Spanish politicians and press are childish to the maximum, they are incomprehensibly naive or excessively cynical, or if they are fools without much mystery. These possibilities are neither exclusive nor incompatible. I do not understand, in any case, why they exclaimed in unison that the case of the Pegasus telephone espionage was “very serious” and put “democracy in danger”. In what world do editorialists, columnists, talk show hosts, radio announcers, news presenters and even the new yorker, which shares a country with the NSA, which, as even moviegoers know, listens incessantly to the conversations of those whom the Department of Defense decides to spy on? Do they not live in Spain, a country of broad brush in which everything that is under summary secrecy is known and published, as well as the informal talks full of tacos of all Christ, not only those of ex-commissioner Villarejo?

The pro-independence politicians and press, it is true, take the cake when it comes to unusual cynicism. How was the CNI not going to spy on the collaborators whose laws and the Constitution had been skipped to establish a disjointed republic with all the characteristics of a totalitarian regime – reread the so-called “transitory laws” of September 6 and 7, 2017—? Can you imagine that the collaborators of a criminal organization were not investigated by the police or the Mossos or the Civil Guard? These agencies would be accused of criminal negligence, and heads would rightly have rolled. That is what those pro-independence politicians angrily demanded, plus the podemites, plus the Basque supremacists and others, but not out of any negligence, but out of duty. How is it that they were spied on, if, according to the first, they have never done anything? Pedro Sánchez, who has never put an end to blackmail (enough of the imbecile verb “stop”), agreed to pay one more and dismissed a proven civil servant, Paz Esteban, with a very long and seemingly irreproachable service. Then, Minister Robles was flattened and had the nerve to declare that this was not a dismissal, but a mere “natural” substitution. Natural, just when poor Esteban’s sacrifice was loudly called for? Please stop calling us all idiots to our faces. It reminded me of Colin Powell, with a pointer, assuring the existence of weapons of mass destruction in Iraq…

But, beyond this question, how is it possible that at this point someone is making crosses and screaming in heaven for wiretapping? Ladies and gentlemen of the press, don’t you know that anyone will be spied on if whoever has the means starts doing it? What the smartphones by which the whole world is voluntarily enslaved are instruments of surveillance and control, like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Twitch, Telegram, TikTok and the rest of the nonsense? Are they unaware that, with the number of cameras in stores, stations, airports and streets, our movements can be tracked whenever it is considered necessary or advisable? The police will examine the footage from those cameras when they suspect someone or when a crime is committed in a certain area. Haven’t you noticed that if you try to book a hotel in Malta, your mobile will instantly be filled with offers for other hotels on that island? Or if they look at shoes, they will be showered with horrendous shoe ads. It is not necessary to hire the sophisticated Israeli Pegasus system to find out what we talk about, see, buy, sell, read, love or hate. How is what is customary and normal today going to be “very serious”? Of course, the cell phones of Sánchez, Robles, Macron, and even Biden and Putin will have been spied on. The odd thing would be the opposite.

Nobody important is going to spy on you or me, don’t worry. Until for some reason or misunderstanding or confusion someone with the ability to do it decides that he is going to do it. So, make no mistake about it, he will do it retrospectively, because our credit cards or visas, our smartphones, sometimes our televisions leave indelible marks. It will be known where we have been and on what day, to which countries we have traveled, with which companies we have flown, what we have bought and in which store, what transfers we have made and to whom, how much money the ATM has served us. Why do you think there are countries considering banning cash? Why do banks force us to do everything on-line? Why do they close branches and they no longer serve almost in person? (Well, also to fire employees and get more benefits.) Why are our calls to a messenger, the dentist, the bank, Movistar or a hospital recorded? Really, I don’t know how anyone can be shocked or surprised by the use that is given to the infinity of data that, for a couple of decades now, most of us gladly provide everywhere. So I’m sorry, but I can only insist: are you fools, or what?

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