Trial of the alleged triple murderer who intoxicated with large doses of cocaine

Marta Calvó disappeared on November 7, 2019. Her last trace was a message with her location that she sent to her mother when she entered a house located in the Valencian town of Manuel. She was 25 years old. Jorge Ignacio Palma lived rented there, who opened the door to Marisol Burón when, a few days later, he went to ask about his daughter, of whom he knew nothing. Palma denied knowing her and vanished. He then began a race against time to search for the young woman and to locate him. Marta Calvo’s body was never found, but on Monday Palma, 38, will sit on the bench before a popular jury.

The Prosecutor’s Office requests sentences that add up to 130 years in prison as responsible for three homicide crimes: that of the Valencian Marta Calvo, the Brazilian Arliene Ramos (32 years old) and the Colombian Lady Marcela (24), 11 crimes of sexual abuse and a crime against public health. The private accusations describe the main crime of murder with treachery and demand reviewable permanent prison. The trial is scheduled to last until mid-July.

It has not been easy at all to put together an accusation without the body of the crime of the case that started the investigations. They searched for months in containers, fields, wells and, above all, in the Dos Aguas landfill, to the desperation of the family, after the Colombian surrendered to the Civil Guard on December 4, 2019. He confessed that he had dismembered the young woman when she woke up and found her lifeless after a night of having sex consuming large doses of cocaine. The Colombian said that he had entered a panic attack because of his background as a drug trafficker and had thrown the body in containers in various Valencian towns. Since then, he has been detained. The defense asks for his acquittal and argues that the defendant is a “consumer of narcotic and toxic substances”, for which he considers that the modifying circumstance of the criminal responsibility of drug addiction concurs. He adds that he never killed or intended to kill anyone.

The Civil Guard and the National Police activated all the alarms and investigated the possible cases in which the same modus operandi. They began to cross information, file complaints and analyze the detainee’s movements through his cell phone. The investigating judge explains in the justiciable facts of the opening order of the oral trial that the accused had “inclination to have sexual relations with prostitutes, carrying out contacts through web pages and telephone messages, interested in verifying said relations through of the so-called ‘white party’, with the consumption of cocaine that he himself brought to said dates and that, without consent, he introduced into the sexual organs, causing an increase in their heart rate and blood pressure, limiting their defensive capacity and volitional, being aware of the lethal consequences of said practice”.

Next, the judge describes the 11 cases (three of them resulting in death) of which Palma is accused, since the summer of 2018, when he contacted a woman in Valencia who had to go to a hospital due to syncope after extracting cocaine stones from her vagina and anus. This procedure is repeated in several cases, as well as the reaction of several victims who “convulse” and lose consciousness and the probable use of other substances. It has been proven that the detainee hastily fled from a house when the victim began to convulse without helping her in March 2019. The young woman died in hospital days later. Large doses of cocaine have been found in the victims and it is noted that in some cases the purity of the cocaine exceeded 90%, which entails an increased risk of overdose and intoxication.

In the legal reasoning of the order, in which it was ordered to open a piece of civil liability for an amount of 350,000 euros, the investigating judge emphasizes that it is deduced “from everything that was carried out that the investigated person reiterated those sexual practices knowing perfectly well their lethal consequences and assuming the possible fatal result that led to the death of three of its victims, verifying said practices for a period of less than one year and involving at least eleven women.” He collects up to three possible “crimes of homicide / murder, at least under possible intent and based on the evidence”, depending on the requests of the accusations.

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Marta del Castillo's father, Antonio del Castillo, Marta Calvo's mother, Marisol Burón, and her psychologist and spokesperson, Mariano Navarro, at the gates of the Congress of Deputies, when they presented an initiative in November to increase sentences murderers who do not reveal the whereabouts of their victims' bodies.
Marta del Castillo’s father, Antonio del Castillo, Marta Calvo’s mother, Marisol Burón, and her psychologist and spokesperson, Mariano Navarro, at the gates of the Congress of Deputies, when they presented an initiative in November to increase sentences murderers who do not reveal the whereabouts of their victims’ bodies.Alberto Ortega (Europe Press)

Marta Calvo’s mother has declared these days that her greatest wish is for Palma to say where her daughter’s body is and thus “at least close this chapter” and be able to “begin” her mourning. “Because I am clear that you cannot live like this”, she has told the regional television À Punt. Burón has publicly promoted, together with relatives of other murdered young women such as Marta del Castillo and Diana Quer, the revision of the Criminal Code to toughen the penalties for murderers who hide the body, an initiative that has been admitted for processing in the Congress of the Deputies.

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