13 curiosities about the Wimbledon tournament: a social event more than a sporting event

A few days after Rafa Nadal has spectacularly won his fourteenth Musketeers Cup in Paris, another epic challenge is on the horizon for the Balearic tennis player and it is not trivial at all. This is the mythical Wimbledon tournament that will be played like every year on the grass courts of the All England Lawn Tennis and Croquet Club in London from June 27 to July 10.

Considered the most elite tournament of the four that make up the so-called Grand Slam, it is a competition that has been taking place since 1877. Only the two world wars and the recent health pandemic have managed to postpone its celebration in all these years.

The longevity of this event means that its characteristic signs have already become iconic traditions inherent to the championship: the strawberries with cream and champagne that the spectators taste during the matches, also the Pimm’s (a kind of British sangria), the obligation that the players dress in immaculate white or have the longest-standing sponsorship linked to the world of sport such as that of Slazenger, which has been the official ball of the tournament for 100 years. Even so, it has some other curiosity.

The world of advertising knows the media wealth that this event represents for the most reputable brands and all of them fight to associate their name with this exclusive and prestigious tournament… although very few succeed. Over the years only a few luxury brands have the privilege of putting their logo along with the two green and blue rackets typical of the tournament.

In search of greatness

Unlike other tennis tournaments, there are no advertising banners behind the players and on television, with few exceptions, no sponsor can be seen. Sponsor visibility is limited, but there are hundreds of different ways for brands to pay to be in a tournament of this caliber.

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Interestingly, and already inside the track, all kinds of advertising on the player’s clothing is totally prohibited. Only in 2013, the British Anne Keothavong managed to place a small advertisement for Sony by painting her nails with its logo.

Let’s take a look at some of the advertisements that have been made to promote the event over the last few years. It is a mix between the promotions of the tournament itself, as well as those of its main sponsors. Some are creatively up to the event.

2017. Self-promotion. 140 years
2010 BBC Sports

2013 BBC Sports

2016 self promotion


2019 self promotion

bbc 90th anniversary
2021. Jaguar

ralph laurent

2011 Rolex

2015. Rufus Stella Artois

2011 Sony


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