“I listen to Real Madrid matches on the radio in the kitchen”

Hi, I’m Elena Arzak.

Talking about Real Sociedad is something very special for me, because it is the team from my city, Donostia.

I’m not a big connoisseur, but… I like the atmosphere and everything that football entails because it generates positive energy!

It is something that has caught my attention since I was little. Something very good for the city and, especially, for our sector. People get excited… and go to celebrate the victories in bars and restaurants. We celebrate everything accompanied by a good wine or a good meal.

It has always seemed to me that the Real has a lot of merit. A team from a small town, making great achievements; a team from which great players like Jose Mari Galardi and Pela Arzak, cousins ​​of my father, have come. They were the first contact I had with football.

Then, because of my profession, I met professionals in this sport. Aperribai, such a good president as a person. Sheriff, a coach who transmits values ​​as essential in life as in sports. He, by wearing the colors of his team marked by fire, has that special connection with the fans that is rarely achieved.

I love when soccer players come to our house and like the great gastronomes they are, they enjoy good food. And that I joke a lot with them. And they with me! Like when I tell them: “Is there training tomorrow? Because, if not, do not drink, eh? They laugh, though of course they already know what to do.

Running a restaurant is a bit like running a team. Although my father and I are the most visible part, without our head chef, the kitchen, dining room, research, administration teams and everyone who goes on this ship of Gipuzkoan gastronomy that is the Arzak restaurant, without all of them we would not would be the same! Without forgetting those who are no longer here, from those times when the radio told us in the kitchen how our team’s game was going.

For this reason, today I continue to listen to the matches on the radio, when possible. It makes me escape and I enjoy every moment. We, like Real, have to fit in even though we have different characters and coordinate ourselves as the team that we are in order to give the best in each service, just like the footballers in each match. Their objective is to win and give hope to the fans that cheer them on. Ours is that each client who comes lives a unique experience, which is etched in their memory. Just like the games are recorded in the memory of the fans. La Real would not be what it is without its fans; just as we wouldn’t be without our customers.

Like many aspects of life, football also evolves. Now women don’t go to soccer to accompany their husbands. They go alone or accompanied and, above all, they go because they like it! I notice that with my children: Nora has played football at Jesuitas and has participated in the Donosti Cup.

And what about the female Real! I read, whenever I can, about them. Because, as a woman, I am proud that they are valued and that they shine for their professionalism. Although that doesn’t mean they DON’T have to change things even more; but we can say that… football is no longer just a men’s thing!

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