Moreno sneaks into the second Andalusian electoral debate between candidates and avoids talking about pacts

The Andalusian electoral campaign began and will end with a question that has no answer. With whom will the Popular Party agree if it needs the votes of Vox? In the second electoral debate, the far-right candidate, Macarena Olona, ​​physically and literally reached out to the popular leader, Juan Manuel Moreno, to form a government, but with a warning: “If you need a seat or an abstention, don’t give it to them.” we will give if we do not enter the Government”; the socialist Juan Espadas took for granted that the PP will reissue an agreement with the party of Santiago Abascal. Moreno did not say yes or no. He repeated the mantra that he wants to rule alone. With this bet, Olona intends that there be no leakage of votes, above all, of those who in other times took the PP ballot and that this party intends that now they “return home”.

All the candidates who participated in the second face-to-face meeting with six took advantage of the appointment to try to convince the undecided voter, the one who can validate or distort the results in which the polls that give the PP a majority coincide. As in the previous meeting of six, on RTVE, this Monday on Andalusian Public Radio and Television, the president of the Board was once again “the man in fashion” – the phrase he coined a week ago to verify that everyone was against him — and although he did respond directly to Olona, ​​and to Espadas, he refused to assume the leading role, without moving an iota from his role as a temperate man, the strategy that he has kept to the letter in the first week of the campaign and with which he hopes to instill confidence in the electorate that still does not know who they will vote for on 19-J.

In the final minute it was the candidates of the PSOE and Por Andalucía, Inmaculada Nieto, who appealed for mobilization to reverse the trend in the polls. Teresa Rodríguez, the leader of Adelante Andalucía, claimed to be a political force “that does not marry anyone”.

The debate had much more agility than the previous one and there was more melee and even familiarity with each other, especially by Olona, ​​who did not stop reminding Moreno that if he was president it was thanks to his party. After imposing his conditions on her to support him, he asked her to be his vice president. “That is a delusion,” Moreno replied, who stressed that Vox has no management experience and questioned him if he does not believe in the State of Autonomies he wants to join the Board.

In terms of agreements, the variable that can condition this abstention, Espadas insisted that Moreno had already done it with Vox to be president of the Board and reproached him for not clarifying if he was going to do it again and with the extreme right in the Government. And faced with Nieto’s proposal to bet on a left-wing front, the PP leader aired the Frankenstein pact again. “You do not deny the agreement with Vox, Mr. Moreno,” Swords insisted. “His only campaign is that, he doesn’t know how to talk about anything else,” the PP leader replied.

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Juan Espadas (PSOE) during the second debate of the Andalusian elections 2022.Photo: Alexander Ruesga

As in the previous face-to-face, Rodríguez was the one who best knew how to take advantage of Olona’s presence in the debate. She was the one who entered the rag of the first provocation of the Vox candidate, who began by telling Moreno that Andalusian textbooks taught what “masturbation” was. The Cadiz woman, in a plea in defense of sex education in public schools, ironically refuted him: “Then you learn in priests’ schools that masturbating leaves you blind.” Olona tried to seek complicity with Moreno: “Juanma, are you seriously going to leave our children in the hands of these people?”

The rest of the candidates also tried to dismantle with data the statements of the leader of Vox on education, health, social policies, the environment or employment, issues that Olona alluded to in generalities and that led to the Ciudadanos candidate, Juan Marín, to proclaim: “He has no idea what he’s talking about.” Nor did Moreno shy away from her confrontation with Olona, ​​but rather to make it clear to her that he was ignoring her instead of entering into her provocations. “Let me make my debate, that we are two different parties,” stressed the leader of the PP.

Contributing to the dynamism of the debate was the reverse shot of the television production between the candidates, in which Olona’s circumspection was opposed by Moreno’s ironic smile or Rodríguez’s gesture of “I’ll wait for you here”, every time the ultra leader put on the table her more radical proposals, such as the dissolution of “corrupt unions.” There were also some bursts of humor like that of Marín vindicating his culinary skills by making French toast or that of Espadas saying that he was going to dress up as a cow so that Moreno would listen to him.

The PSOE candidate marked his ground from the beginning accusing the president of the Board of “complacency”. “So much for propaganda,” he said, appealing to the concentration of workers from different Andalusian public agencies and from RTVA who were waiting at the door of the Canal Sur headquarters, as representatives of the “problems of the real Andalusia.”

The three left-wing parties attacked the management of the Moreno government for these three and a half years, which, being in the opposition, they have not been able to erode. As in the previous debate, the PP-Cs coalition bloc went hand in hand in a distribution of roles in which Marín was once again the one who most vigorously defended the Executive’s management.

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