Natalia Lacunza comes out of her self-sabotage and publishes an album: "There are many guys who have done barbaric things and there they are, at festivals"

Natalia Lacunza (Pamplona, ​​23 years old) does not keep quiet about anything. Almost four years have passed since she rose to fame thanks to her participation in the tenth edition of Triumph operationtime that has served him to publish two EPs (other wings, in 2019; Y EP2, in 2020) and to feel “safe enough” to trust herself and her judgment. “I have spent a lot of time hesitating and quietly observing. I’ve watched so much that I think I’m already at a point where I can play the game. Truly believing that I am an intelligent aunt, sensitive and capable of analysis and stop constantly questioning myself”, expresses the singer. She now publishes her first album, it has to be for me, a repertoire of 12 songs in which she is more frank than ever. “I have always been very sincere, but I think that now I am telling something that is really important to me. It is much cruder. A reflection of all the reflections that I have come to during this time, of the process of adapting to adult life and of the sentimental and professional situations that I have had to face”.

The name of her new job is like a kind of mantra that she has been repeating to herself over the years in her duel with self-sabotage. “It’s a bit of facing that feeling that I’m not enough, that I’m not going to make it, that I’m not good enough, charismatic enough, or pretty enough, because it seems that women in the industry have to be the best of the best. In the end, it is something that is far from reality and that is imposed from the outside, but many times we are also the ones who impose it on ourselves, ”she acknowledges. “This album speaks of that duel, of that self-demand. To find my strength and say: ‘Everything you are working for and all the effort you are making will be returned to you’.

The numerous musical references that the album brings together make it difficult to include it under a common musical genre, although the singer likes to classify it as dreams pop (pop dream, in its translation), a subgenre characterized by soft, dreamlike and atmospheric sounds. I put the term dreams because it’s like a sound trip, but there are from a bolero, a song that reminds us of American pop from the 2000s, electronic sounds… it has many references”. He confesses that writing it has been like a kind of therapy for her. “I write to understand myself. Many times my way of trying to process the things that happen to me is to capture what I feel on paper and thus be able to make a more objective assessment”.

In one of the songs You didn’t love me that much addresses the consequences of a toxic relationship that, he says, has “lived in its own flesh.” “At first you don’t see them. You have to spend some time to get angry, to process that anger, to put the blame where you have to put it and stop attributing things to yourself that do not belong to you. And then, finally, to be at peace, because it leaves you very upset and can condition you when it comes to having other relationships.”

Although she does not want to point the finger at anyone, anyone who has followed the singer’s footsteps closely will remember a controversial video that went viral on social networks in mid-2021, in which her ex-partner and also singer Pol Granch appears performing a song they released as a duo at one of her concerts, On fire, adopting a mocking tone in the verses that correspond to Lacunza, which caused a barrage of criticism against the artist. “The words speak for themselves, let each one think what they want and draw their own conclusions,” he settles, pointing out that the song does not only refer to sentimental relationships. “Also to the misogyny that is implicit in the industry, to labor relations and to the abuse of power,” he details. “Bad men always get rich,” he intones in one of the verses. “Many bastards end up in super important positions and their behaviors are whitewashed. This theme stems from people telling me: ‘Well, make a song and let off steam’. But I don’t want to make a song, I want justice. But in the end you find yourself in a reality where there is none.”

Natalia Lacunza, during the interview at Mercader Lab, in Madrid, this Wednesday.
Natalia Lacunza, during the interview at Mercader Lab, in Madrid, this Wednesday.Alvaro Garcia

Lacunza does not hesitate to denounce the misogyny and machismo that, he acknowledges, prevails in the music industry. “It is known that there are many guys who have done barbarities. ragpickers and people who have done things to be in jail all their lives. And there they are, at festivals, and I have to coincide with them and see that my name appears next to theirs on the poster. If it were a woman who did any of those things, she would cross it out forever. I’m sick of being asked what it’s like to be a woman in the industry, sick of being asked if the industry is misogynistic, if there is equality. Look, man, there is not, but the one you have to ask about this is the asshole on duty, the guy who works at this record company, this artist who has done this that clearly everyone knows and nobody does anything, ” claims the singer.

“The work is no longer mine or any of us, the work is now on the other side. That they ask them ‘What do you do to make society more inclusive? What do you do to make society less sexist? What do you do to fight against that?’ We’ve been fighting for so long now, I don’t have to constantly justify my existence when you’re justifying your shitty acts and I have to be thinking about whether I’m good enough to speak my mind. It’s stupid. There comes a time when you say ‘What is this?

Acknowledge that there are people who resent your sincerity. “People with power have recommended that I shut up. ‘Keep quiet because you’re going to lose out’. The worst thing is that they say it because it’s true. That is the saddest thing of all, that they tell you for your own good, when your good should be someone else, but that is the reality. It would have to change the entire dynamic from top to bottom.”

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