Redmayne's dance disorients Peru and qualifies Australia for the World Cup

A penalty shootout undid a thick tie between Australia and Peru, in favor of the former, who meet France in the opening match of the next World Cup to beat each other in a group completed by Denmark and Tunisia. An unexpected hero triumphed, the Australian substitute goalkeeper Redmayne, who took the field for the epilogue and baffled the Peruvian pitchers with some unusual dances on the goal line.



Matthew Ryan (Andrew Redmayne, min. 119), Aziz Eraltay (Craig Goodwin, min. 119), Nathaniel Atkinson, Kye Rowles, Wright, Martin Boyle, Aaron Mooy, Irvine, Leckie (Jamie Maclaren, min. 86), Ajdin Hrustic and Mitchell Duke



Pedro Gallese, Miguel Trauco, Zambrano, Advíncula, Callens, Christofer Gonzalez, André Carrillo (Edison Flores, min. 64), Renato Tapia, Sergio Peña (Pedro Aquino, min. 79), Christian Cueva (Alex Valera, min. 115) and Gianluca Lapadula


Yellow cards Nathaniel Atkinson (min. 11) and Edison Flores (min. 101)

Peru played with fear, surely gripped by responsibility, but also because they entered the game badly, a dozen, without finding an action that would give them a spark to unleash. He was uncomfortable with a rival with a bolder point, but very limited. And the game led to an important tostón, without depth because one did not know and the other could not. Everything happened under harsh environmental conditions due to the heat, but in a stadium that has a cooling system that lowers the thermal sensation by several degrees. A la fresco Peru played at an improper pace in contemporary football, without the ability to make Australia suffer without the ball. And the goalkeepers were left over because, controlled by some Advíncula excursion, the Australians decided that they had no reason to take risks either.

In that dynamic in which it was played to see who made a mistake first, everything fell apart. The best footballers on the field did not appear. There was no news about Christian Cueva until after game time. André Carrillo did not touch the ball and went to the bench at that point in the game with some reproach to his coach. There were hardly any fouls because there weren’t too many skirmishes and few options were generated from set pieces, a detail that Australia could exploit in the aerial game. Nothing happened until the passing of the clock stressed everything a little more. “Come on Peruvians, tonight we have to win,” the stands then cried out. There was not even half a ticket in the stadium, but most of those present spoke Spanish. “Wherever you go there is always a Peruvian,” coach Ricardo Gareca had recognized the day before, who was seen desperate due to the inaction of his boys.

Australia felt that it was time and went with more force than football towards the goal. He spotted it in some center to the area, but above all in a shot by Behich that caressed one of the posts of the goal defended by Gallese. Peru broke down in those last ten minutes that led to extra time, but Australia lacked punch to sentence their opponent. Hrustic had the goal almost on time with a shot from the edge of the box after Mabil exploited Advíncula’s defensive shortcomings. It was not the last because Martínez Munuera, at the controls of the VAR, still studied a possible Zambrano penalty on Irvine.

Peru seemed relieved by the arrival of extra time and raised their level a bit. It served him first to stop suffering and then to launch himself for a victory that was close with a header from Flores that crashed into the post. At that point, in the second part of the extension, there were hardly any legs to, between the generalized cramping, go to eleven meters. There Redmayne waited, cool as a cucumber, and ready to shred Peru’s nerves.

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