The Andalusian election campaign 19J, live |  The barons of the PSOE support Swords in Córdoba: "Let's turn this around!"

The barons of the PSOE support Swords in Córdoba: “Let’s turn this around!”

By Joseph Mark from Cordoba. Seven of the nine autonomous presidents of the PSOE have claimed the management of the socialist governments in an act with Juan Espadas in Córdoba similar to the one held with Luis Tudanca in the February elections in Castilla y León. The candidate in the Andalusian elections of 19-J has been accompanied by Javier Lambán (Aragon), Adrián Barbón (Asturias), Francina Armengol (Balearic Islands), Ángel Víctor Torres (Canary Islands), Ximo Puig (Valencian Community), Guillermo Fernández Vara (Extremadura ) and Concha Andreu (La Rioja). Emiliano García-Page (Castilla-La Mancha) and María Chivite (Navarra) have not attended as they have already reserved the agenda for months. Also in attendance were the spokesperson and Minister for Territorial Policy, Isabel Rodríguez, and the Defense Minister, Margarita Robles, the Senate spokeswoman, Eva Granados, and former Vice President Carmen Calvo.

“We have a week that is really five days. Very little time, but this started months ago, when we decided to present a new and powerful project. We did our homework to generate confidence in Andalusians, that’s why I ask all good Andalusians to vote. We are going to turn this around, let’s go, to the comeback! ”, The secretary general of the Andalusian PSOE has urged the mobilization, which starts with all the polls against it. “Moreno Bonilla is from the PP, from the PP of Feijóo, from Rajoy, from Génova, from Bárcenas and who embraces the extreme right”, has sentenced the minister spokesperson in a message for the undecided socialists who doubt whether to vote for the PP.

“Juan Espadas is a good, honest, brave person who knows why he is in politics. Andalusia has always been an echo of socialism, we need its policies to continue to be a benchmark in Spain”, Armengol stressed. “What do the polls say? To hell with the polls, this is the best poll! ”, Barbón encouraged in an act with some 500 people at the Palacio de Congresos. “Do not consist of Macarena Orban giving you lessons from the towns and rural areas when we are the ones who have defended them,” he said in reference to the Hungarian president.

“[Los gobiernos del PP] They are referring their incompetence to other governments and it must be said. What Andalusia is at stake is to maintain the mirage of these three years, that if you touch it with your fingers it breaks like a fragile cloth”, the president of the Canary Islands has abounded. “What is being discussed next Sunday is whether there is going to be a government of progress with Juan Espadas or a government of the right of the right. You have to fight resignation. We are strong, with all our spirits, we have to sweat the shirt until the end”, Puig insisted. The Valencian president has asserted that his community “has come out of a hellish situation”, in which Valencia “was with the PP the paradigm of corruption and now the paradigm of opportunities”. “It has cost us a lot to generate a new hope, but we managed it.”

The president of La Rioja has also contrasted models: “When we came to the Government after decades of the PP, we found healthcare privatized. People took it for normal, for example, in a cataract operation or an X-ray. Public health had been deliberately dismantled. Since then we have managed to make all radiology public. We found ourselves with 17 ICU beds in the pandemic, now we have 43”, Andreu pointed out.

“What unites people above all else is the pride of belonging to a common project. You have taught us in the last 40 years. From here was the generation headed by Felipe González and Alfonso Guerra who made the PSOE a social democratic party and a great government party. This is a project that originated in Andalusia and spread to the rest of Spain”, highlighted Lambán.

“The Andalusians have always supported the policies of progress and now it is time to be with the Andalusians at a critical moment. I had to govern after a legislature of the PP [2011-2015]: the worst is what is not seen, how power structures are reoriented so that politics does not rule”, Fernández Vara pointed out. “Ignore the polls, in 2015 all the polls gave the PP an absolute majority and I won the elections,” said the president of Extremadura.

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