The Andalusian election campaign 19J, live |  The barons of the PSOE support Swords in Córdoba: "Let's turn this around!"
The barons of the PSOE from the Canary Islands, the Valencian Community, Aragon, La Rioja, the Balearic Islands, Asturias and Extremadura accompanied Juan Espadas, the Socialist candidate for the Junta, yesterday in Córdoba.
The barons of the PSOE from the Canary Islands, the Valencian Community, Aragon, La Rioja, the Balearic Islands, Asturias and Extremadura accompanied Juan Espadas, the Socialist candidate for the Junta, yesterday in Córdoba.alexander begs

―But do you think you can campaign in June in Andalusia? If we go through the towns and people don’t leave their houses because it’s impossible until late afternoon. Moreno knew very well what he was doing. He has killed the campaign.

This is how an Andalusian socialist leader complained last Saturday, shortly after achieving what seems like a miracle under these conditions: bringing together 3,000 people in Cártama (Málaga) at noon, covered by awnings, in the heat of a heat wave. The intervention of Pedro Sánchez and the success of the call, the greatest of the entire campaign, is a shot of energy for an Andalusian PSOE that for almost 40 years was an unbeatable electoral machine and has now suffered to get going, although it is throwing the rest in the final stretch. This Monday’s debate on Canal Sur, the second and last, is surely the last bullet for the Socialists and the left to their left to prevent the PP victory predicted by the polls from materializing.

“The truth is that this date was a coincidence. We hadn’t thought of it. We had not calculated that it would be so hot”, says a member of the leadership of the Andalusian PP while smiling mischievously, shortly after finishing another great rally, the most important, that same Saturday afternoon, in Malaga capital, under the imposing Citadel. Alberto Núñez Feijóo was there, but the great protagonist of the act was Juan Manuel Moreno, who has managed, like Feijóo before in Galicia, to make the PP brand disappear completely and even the flags of Spain that previously dominated popular acts. Here everything is Andalusian flags and “Juanma”.

So much so that a member of his team points out that they are thinking of making an explanatory video so that the most clueless voters do not get confused. There will be many, they worry, who want to vote for “Juanma” and cannot find him, because he is only on the list in Malaga. The initials have been erased so much that it will be necessary to explain to someone that they have to vote for the PP.

Sánchez and the PSOE try to influence the opposite: that Moreno is very much in the PP and intends to increase the privatization of public health, as his party did in the Valencian Community or in Madrid. “This is about rights or rights,” Sánchez claims. But the Andalusian president, far from proposing a fight between “communism or freedom” as Isabel Díaz Ayuso did in Madrid, offers himself as the greatest defender of public health.

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For Andalusia, the candidacy of the left that has managed to partially reunite ―Adelante Andalucía, by Teresa Rodríguez, who is going alone, was left out―, has also received an injection of energy this weekend with two massive rallies by Yolanda Díaz, who finally yes he turned to the campaign. On Saturday he was in Córdoba with Ione Belarra and on Sunday in Málaga with Íñigo Errejón, two visible faces of the great rupture of Podemos. At the moment it seems impossible for them to be together, although Pablo Iglesias, from San Fernando (Cádiz), released all his “love for Yolanda Díaz and Íñigo Errejón”, something that had not happened since the leader of Más País left Podemos in 2019. The war internal seems to be left for after decisive elections also for this incipient attempt at reunification.

The left is clearly shaken in Andalusia after years of fratricidal battles and a PP government term, but Díaz generates a visible enthusiasm at the rallies that makes some dream of a change in trend. “There are a lot of people on the left who seem depressed. He is afraid. We cannot resign ourselves. If we manage to raise the minimum wage, bring about the labor reform, and now we are going to make a law for domestic workers, we have to get excited. We manage better”, cried the second vice president of the Government in Malaga. The surveys do not detect important movements, but the PSOE and Por Andalucía trust that they will make mistakes again, as almost always in this community. His cadres do see a very different atmosphere this weekend, with the central rallies. Although the beaches of Malaga are much more crowded than the political acts.

Moreno has proposed a low-profile campaign that only has five days left and one last big bullet: this Monday’s debate on Canal Sur, second and last. Swords, who never raises his voice ―“How are you going to ask for the useful vote to stop Vox if you don’t have blood in your veins?” Teresa Rodríguez, from Adelante Andalucía, criticized him on Saturday―, is prepared to risk much more this time. She needs to get Moreno out of his stone guest scheme from the last debate on RTVE, where he sometimes seemed like he wasn’t even there. Swords does not want to collide with Macarena Olona, ​​from Vox, so as not to go down into that mud. Her real rival is Moreno. But the Andalusian president, according to his surroundings, is going to maintain the same elusive line, to avoid stepping on puddles. A debate for six and with not very high audiences, maintains his team, does not move anything except if a blunder is made.

Vox will also go looking for Moreno, but his campaign has other codes. With Olona with a much lower profile than expected, Santiago Abascal has occupied the final role with a central rally in Marbella this Sunday with Giorgia Meloni, leader of the Italian far right. “You are my inspiration, Giorgia,” Olona told her. And she answered with a speech that made the attendees vibrate with all the components of the European extreme right: “yes to the natural family, no to the LGTBI lobby, yes to sexual identity, no to gender ideology, yes to the culture of life, no to the abyss of death, yes to the universality of the cross, no to Islamist violence, yes to secure borders, no to mass immigration, yes to work for our citizens, no to big international finance , yes to the sovereignty of the peoples, no to the bureaucrats in Brussels, yes to our civilization, no to those who want to destroy it. Long live Macarena Olona President of Andalusia! Long live Santiago Abascal President of Spain!

The public roared when Meloni spoke of “ethnic violence” and told them that in Italy some young Italian women were prevented by North Africans from getting on a train. “White women can’t go up here, they were told. If they had done some young Italians we would have heard the left speak of racism. But with them they are silent. The left defends the woman until she meets a foreign criminal, at that moment by ideological reflex they support the criminal more than the woman ”Meloni shrieked while the public stirred in their seats with anger against those migrants and enthusiasm with the Italian

Abascal’s message with this central rally, in which he chased away the idea of ​​the “puncture” of his party that some polls suggest and harshly attacked the PP, is clear: Vox is not a passing fad or a crutch of the popular. He has come to stay and aspires to rule as his allies in Poland, in Hungary and now perhaps in Italy. A very clear sign that the Government will not give away the PP in Andalusia and will force whatever it takes for Olona to be vice president. She left him meridian at the rally: “The PP, like the ostrich, pretends not to see us. They already did it in Castilla y León, and now the vice president is from Vox. Juanma Moreno despises Vox. It is a gesture of ingratitude towards those of us who have allowed him to govern for four years with the worst result in his history. But above all it is a stupid gesture, because either we understand each other or the left governs. We are not going to give away your votes. The option that Vox cowardly gives them the investiture is impossible. We make it very clear. Whoever is afraid should vote for the PP”. In case there were doubts.

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