The PP files a new complaint with the European Public Prosecutor's Office for the Government's contract policy during the pandemic
An operator transports masks sent by the Government to Valencia in September 2020.
An operator transports masks sent by the Government to Valencia in September 2020.BIEL ALIÑO (EFE)

The PP announced this Monday that it is going to activate the European Public Prosecutor’s Office again for the review of contracts of the Central State Administration, in line with its action last March, in which it denounced the agreements signed in relation to the pandemic . What was agreed by the popular leadership of Madrid is to add to that complaint others related to various contracts approved by the former Minister of Transport, José Luis Ábalos, and those related to the husband of the first vice president of the Government, Nadia Calviño.

The general secretary of the Popular Party of Madrid, Alfonso Serrano, has advanced in this sense that the Popular Party send various documentation on the contractual policy of the State Administration in the Community of Madrid to the European Prosecutor’s Office. After holding a working meeting with the Deputy Secretary for Territorial Affairs and Organization, Ana Millán; the Deputy Secretary for Political Action, Jesús Moreno; the Deputy Secretary for Sector Affairs, Inmaculada Sanz, and the Deputy Secretary for Electoral, Jorge Rodrigo, Serrano explained that this initiative responds to the interest they claim they are seeing on the part of the European Public Prosecutor’s Office in some contracts, “always in a very selective manner, which coincidentally always affect to the Community of Madrid.

Last March, the PP already brought covid contracts from the Sánchez government to the Anti-Corruption Prosecutor’s Office with at least seven companies for a total of 326 million euros. “We do not know if the European Public Prosecutor’s Office is a public prosecutor’s office for the Community of Madrid, because there have been multiple contracts throughout the country and we only have news of those that affect our region,” Serrano assured.

The general secretary of the Madrid PP recalled some of the contracts that the PP has already taken to the Anti-Corruption Prosecutor’s Office, including one with a company that manufactured plaster “to which the Sánchez Government advanced three million euros to buy respirators and that, A few days later, he renounced the contract, but he kept the money that the Government had advanced him, “said Serrano.

Serrano has also explained that the PP is going to transfer to the European Public Prosecutor’s Office the contracts that affect the company of Minister Calviño’s husband, as well as the contracts that were made from the department of Ábalos, “with a premium and that were dedicated to other issues”. In relation to the first of these cases, the Anti-Corruption Prosecutor’s Office recently ordered that the Ministry of Economy deliver various documentation on the public aid of 963,000 euros that were awarded during the pandemic to the company Páginas Amarillas Soluciones Digitales SA, a company in which he occupies a management position Ignacio Manrique de Ara, husband of Vice President Calviño.

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Referring to this type of case, Serrano stated that when comparing the management of both administrations —the central and the regional— it is verified that “there is a fundamental difference”. He added that this difference consists in the fact that in the cases that affect the Government of Spain, their opacity is detected, because on those files “there is hardly any information”. The general secretary of the PP in Madrid criticized in the same sense that in the most complex moments of the outbreak of the pandemic, the Government “did not bring material”, while “the Community of Madrid bought it at a price and it reached homes and our health professionals”.

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