A Brazilian indigenist and a British journalist disappeared in the Amazon
The British journalist Dom Phillips and the Brazilian indigenista Bruno Pereira.
The British journalist Dom Phillips and the Brazilian indigenista Bruno Pereira.RR.SS.

Two bodies have been located this Monday in the region where the Brazilian indigenist Bruno Pereira, 41, and the British journalist Dom Phillips, 57 and a regular contributor to the newspaper, were last seen eight days ago. Guardian, after being threatened by poachers. The finding has been communicated to the reporter’s family by the Brazilian ambassador, reports the newspaper Guardian. The bodies will be subjected to expert tests, according to that source. But there is enormous confusion about the whereabouts of both, who disappeared in a remote area of ​​the Brazilian Amazon. At first this Monday, the reporter’s wife assured that they were the bodies of the disappeared. And sources from Univaja, an association made up of indigenous people with whom Pereira collaborated, confirmed the information to this newspaper and later retracted it.

And in the midst of the confusion, the Federal Police of Amazonas, which is handling the case, has released a note in which they affirm that “the information that the bodies have been located does not come from” and adds “biological materials were located that must be analysed, and personal belongings”.

The indigenous people who make up Univaja undertook the search from minute one with their vast experience in locating vestiges of uncontacted tribes. The event has occurred in the Yavarí Valley, which is home to the largest concentration of isolated indigenous people in the world but is also an area plagued by poachers and poachers, drug traffickers, illegal loggers and miners. Families and colleagues of the disappeared have criticized the authorities for the delay in launching a large-scale tracing operation.

On Sunday, the first tangible progress in the search tasks took place with the discovery of several personal belongings of the victims. Police divers located a backpack tied to a tree in a flooded area, near the place where they were last seen aboard a boat on the Itaquaí River. Among the objects, the Brazilian’s health card, some pants and his boots as well as a Phillips backpack and his boots.

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