A minor sneaks into the safest and most guarded police center in Spain and steals two pistols
Official act held at the facilities of the Canillas police complex, in a file photo.
Official act held at the facilities of the Canillas police complex, in a file photo.Emilio Naranjo (EFE)

The complex of the National Police of Canillas, in the Madrid neighborhood of Hortaleza, considered one of the safest facilities in Spain and where thousands of agents from the central investigation units work, suffered an assault last Sunday and the theft of two pistols , as several police sources have confirmed to EL PAÍS. The two firearms have already been recovered and a minor has been arrested as the alleged perpetrator of the assault. According to the first investigations, the young man entered the facilities by jumping the wall that surrounds the complex without setting off the alarms and entered at least one of the buildings, where he broke several lockers in the agents’ locker room and stole the weapons, chargers and other objects, detail the same sources.

The Canillas police center, located northeast of the capital, is the main operational headquarters of the National Police and where most of the general police stations and specialized units, including those in charge of fight against organized crime or terrorism. For this reason, the facilities have important security measures both on the perimeter and inside, and access to the premises is very restricted. The theft of the weapons this weekend has, however, revealed a gap in that security.

The review of the images recorded by the security camera has made it possible to observe how at least one person entered the premises by jumping the fence through an area near the pool and, once inside, wandered through the area and entered the building that houses the Police Logistics General Subdirectorate. Once there, she accessed the changing room area and forced several of her lockers. In these were the two stolen pistols, which were the regulatory weapons of both agents. Then, the assailant left the police complex after climbing over the fence again in an area where maintenance works are being carried out without anyone noticing.

In fact, the theft was not discovered until, several hours later, several agents went to the changing rooms and discovered the open lockers. Two of the agents then reported the theft of their weapons, magazines and ammunition, as well as at least one belt or girdle with a cover used for uniformed agents to carry their pistols and part of a uniform.

After the discovery, the Police began an investigation that allowed the arrest, shortly after, of a minor as the alleged perpetrator of the assault, as well as one of the weapons. Police sources assure the young man was located on the street wearing a police garment and with the weapon. This Tuesday the second pistol was recovered, according to police sources. The Ministry of the Interior has opened an internal investigation to purge responsibilities for the alleged failures that allowed the robbery in what is considered the safest police complex in Spain.

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