Elon Musk will meet this Thursday for the first time with Twitter employees

Twitter employees will be able to raise their doubts about the purchase of the company by Elon Musk. The founding businessman of Tesla and SpaceX will meet with the staff for the first time since he announced his offer to buy the company for about 44,000 million dollars (about 42,000 million euros at current exchange rates), at a time when the operation is still ongoing. the air for the doubts that Musk himself has planted on it.

It will be a virtual meeting and has been convened by email by the company’s CEO, Parag Agrawal, according to Insider, who pointed out that employees will be able to ask the tycoon their questions starting this Wednesday.

The meeting will be moderated by Leslie Berland, the company’s Director of Human Resources and Marketing. Since Musk announced his plans to buy the company, concern has spread among the employees of the social network. In addition, his messages in favor of face-to-face work at the company (he thinks it’s okay to telecommute if you work 40 hours a week in the office first) do not fit well with the culture of the Californian company. Musk’s ways are known and opposed to Twitter’s work style, where it is also feared that the buyer wants to move the company’s headquarters, as he did with Tesla. Some of those issues may come up at Thursday’s meeting.

Agrawal has argued with the apparent future owner over the company’s fake user accounts or profiles. The tycoon’s criticism of the company’s management leads many to think that his position is in danger. The current head of Twitter has, however, a shield or “golden parachute”, as the brochure of the operation calls it, of just over 60 million dollars. It is not the only armored. There are four directors who would be entitled to compensation estimated at a total of 148 million dollars.

Employees aren’t the only ones concerned. Among Twitter shareholders there is fear that Elon Musk will try to back out of his offer. Investors are wary that the operation will take place and the price is around 37 dollars, well below the 54.20 that the richest man in the world promised to pay.

Musk himself has cast doubt on the operation by claiming that the company has more false user profiles than it has declared. In the market he has spread the impression that the businessman wants to renegotiate the price downwards, at a time when the prices of all technology companies have fallen sharply. Twitter, however, remains adamant that Musk must comply with the agreement.

He knows in depth all the sides of the coin.


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